Sunday, December 6, 2015


I haven't been hopping on my laptop much lately, so I thought I'd check in with what I've been up to.

We've tried out the roomba a couple of times now and the cats aren't too fond of it. Full review to come soon!
We've been sleeping so well on our King mattress (it's an Alaina model from Janesville based Beautyrest). Our first mattress was delivered with two rusty holes, so we got a new one brought to us last weekend. I'm loving our bed frame and headboard too!
My sister-in-law and nephews stopped by to see our house last weekend. They brought us a wonderful housewarming gift. I can't drink a half or full bottle of wine, so the wine saver is perfect!
We cleaned our old house for about six hours. It went up for sale this week! It had one showing yesterday and I'm hopeful it will sell quickly, despite it being a bad time of year to put a house up for sale. Mortgage interest rates are still low so I'm crossing my fingers.
I take so many pictures of house items at Target lately. We're getting these curtains delivered for our back patio. The store didn't carry the 96" type.
Craig installed a Nest thermostat this week! We're loving it (also will review this on the blog if anyone is interested). 

Donuts brought into work by our top leader the morning after a team in our department pulled off a big successful event. I was very happy for that event to be done this week!
I ate way too many of these lately. I've balanced them out with lots of clementines and greens.
Can you find Shiva in the photo below? He naughtily climbed his way to the top of our jammed basement shelves.
New bedside lamps and accent tables from Target, of course.
Pema enjoyed the laundry baskets I bought. The one on the left is for me and the one he is sitting in is for our master bathroom to throw towels and washcloths into.
Tried the holiday spice flat white drink yesterday. It was just ok. I liked that it wasn't very sweet.
This ruined our day yesterday. We were just finishing up running errands and eating lunch when I witnessed a big pickup truck hitting our parked car. This was the result of that driver's stupidity. Nothing like eating lunch and seeing your car rocking from side to side, not knowing what the scrape looked like yet. It was much worse than I expected.
After that stressful afternoon, I wanted to just chill out later that night, so I watched Far from the Madding Crowd. I liked it very much.
Our Christmas tree is in one of the bedrooms upstairs, away from the cats of course. I finally got the ornaments and garland on it.

I'm hoping today is better! We'll probably stay home and work on house projects--there's always more unpacking and organizing to do.

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  1. Seeing Shiva on top of your basement shelves reminds me of when Merlot used a baker's rack in our basement to get himself into the partially finished drop ceiling. It took us a long time to find him. We also have our Christmas tree in a bedroom that the cats aren't allowed into. Although it's only about 1.5 feet high, as we no longer have our big one. p.s. Love your new headboard and bed frame!!