Sunday, January 3, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 1]

I love reading everyday life posts and I am hoping that every single Sunday, I can sit down and share photos of my week!

I was snowed in on Monday (which I secretly loved). 
We need a couch! I am hoping it comes in two weeks.
When I was snowed in, I contacted Fitbit because my Surge is peeling. They have the best customer service. I'm getting a replacement one for free in the mail tomorrow. 
I had to shovel our old house out for two hours on Tuesday night because there was a showing the next morning. Craig was working and we don't have a snowblower over there. The end of the driveway was awful and I ended up being late for my family Christmas party. 
This is what my Fitbit stats looked like after tackling that mess. 
 And I needed lots of this for two days.
My nephew Nathan playing with his dad's new DSLR. 
And then he used my camera to take the next two pictures. 

My oldest brother and my dad. 
My sister and Craig. 
Nathan snapped this photo of me with his dad's camera.
 I got a green juice at Good Harvest on New Years Eve.
Craig and I sat upstairs in their lounge area and I discovered their amazing bookshelf of health titles. I can't wait to go there on a weekend or day off and just page through the various books. 
 The kitties love sitting on our floor heat vents.
 My best 2015 photos, according to Instagram.
Free veggie knockout taco at Qdoba on New Years Day!
 I had a craving for a chocolate malt, so we stopped at Culvers for one. Yum.
I've been snacking on these all week. So good.
Watching "In Defense of Food" fireside with Pema last night. I'm loving it so far and need to watch the second hour tonight before Downton Abbey!
 Tried my Grandpa Schmitt's favorite fruitcake at my parents' house today.
New Yaktrak socks thanks to a gift certificate I received for Dick's Sporting Goods via the Wellcoin app.
I've been bundling up and walking outside quite regularly. Our neighbor saw me out today and said "you're a walker, you need a dog!" I'll stick to cats, thanks. I wouldn't mind dog sitting and walking them that way though.
I'm obsessed with hawks, so having a backyard where they frequent makes me so happy. I've been watching these guys hunt all day.
Tanzi's new favorite sleeping spot is upstairs, either in the hallway or the only bedroom we let the cats in.
 Shiva is just the cutest little thing.
Craig has been driving a remote control car around the basement just for Shiva. He's the only cat that is intrigued by it.
We picked up a storage ottoman to match our couch in the entertainment room and it's great!
Hooray for video games and remotes being out of sight.
Sunset on the last day of 2015, which I considered a good year.
I spent New Years Day organizing the pantry. I love those OXO pop top containers and decided I need more.
Finally bought a warmer, which I find safer than candles, especially with cats.
Craig put together this bookshelf and it went in our office. 
My dad threw out an old recliner and I had to snap a photo of Craig in it outside. 
Phew, that was a long post! I am guessing next Sunday's will be much shorter!

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