Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 3]

I started my week off with a teeth cleaning on Monday afternoon. Then I got a workout in at a nearby gym that I tried for a week. I decided not to join. I have a feeling I'll sign up at another one soon or wait 'till next winter.
This was my breakfast most mornings. I love those Morning Rounds from Costco.
I took this picture for an appointment with the Occupational Therapist later in the week. She could tell a lot from it and offered suggestions of products to buy like a chair pad, lumbar support, a therapy cane, etc.
Door to Door Organics order arrived on Tuesday!
Started reading Rising Strong by Brene Brown this week! It's really good, but I need to write down ways to apply it to my own life so I don't forget some of her take aways.
Pema always snuggles when I read.
I look forward to watching Finding your Roots every Tuesday evening.
Hi, my name is Lisa and I have a greek yogurt (and quark) problem. Seriously though, yogurt has been my favorite food since I was a little girl. It's one big reason I'm not sure I could ever go vegan.
Pema trying to sneak into our bedroom. He was so hilarious to watch.
We're a bit too obsessed with licorice.
I did a double take in Target because this looked like our living room.
Now that my neck is getting better, I can do yoga again!
The kitties were curious about the mat and my poses.
Yum, oatmeal from Starbucks! It took forever for them to call my name, so the guy who took my order gave me free fresh blueberries! Score!
I saw the Occupational Therapist on Friday morning and she suggested I use a binder to take notes in meetings and even use one for typing on my laptop at home.
I had a really busy week at work. I decided to calm down and color by the fireplace on Friday evening with a tasty cup of Earl Grey tea.
Soon after I started relaxing, Craig came home and we spontaneously decided to go to the Waukesha JanBoree. Renting a toboggan was free and there were other fun things to check out at a park nearby. I hadn't been on a toboggan since I was a kid. 
 The ride down was scarier than I expected!
Ice sculpting was cool to check out! A local weatherman did a live report in front of the sculptures and I jumped in the background and waved my hands around. I called my parents to warn them and they saw me on TV, which was fun!
Saturday morning was like Christmas for me. 23andMe finally released my health reports and I got an e-mail notifying me they were ready. I think I'm going to post about my experience with the site soon. I can't say enough good things about it.
I was a planning failure on Saturday. I thought the nature center had free snowshoe rentals (I swear I read it on a website) and so we bundled up and headed over there. It was Sunday only and there was no way we were heading back out the next day in the zero degree weather. We didn't end up going because we had enough stuff going on yesterday anyway.

At least the scenery there was pretty.
 Brr, cold temps made the kitties snuggle a lot over the weekend!
 I'm so lucky Shiva is such a snuggler.
I made a delicious breakfast this morning with the kale and avocado I received in my Door to Door organics box.
 The b&w kitties wanted to eat the kale!
Shiva ate a few pieces and the cats were constantly following me around the kitchen to try to get more.
This afternoon, we headed out in the frigid temps to the library. I had this book on hold. I need help figuring out my closet situation.
I am thinking about getting this for our dining room wall. I need to do some measurements, but I have a feeling it would look perfect there. The previous owners had two white shelves and they looked really cute, but this one is easier to hang and more modern.
We finally found some curtains that work for the living room! They're hard to see in this photo though. Thank god for Home Goods because they were only $25 for two panels!
Craig's big project of the day was cleaning the glass on the fireplace and repositioning the logs until they were in better positions. Our glass was all full of gunk and I doubt it had ever been cleaned in the 2.5 years anyone lived here.
I'll end with Shiva in my favorite spot on the couch, which is where I am writing this from right now! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Thanks for checking out my every day life this week.

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