Sunday, January 31, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 5]

Here's what this week looked like!

Cuddling with Shiva, probably after watching episodes of Chelsea Handler's show on Netflix. Craig wasn't as familiar with her as I was and he quickly grew quite fond of her humor. I only wish she had more episodes to watch because we thoroughly enjoyed all four!
We also watched this documentary about a high school in the 80's and a Finnish exchange student's perspective on her time in America. Because we are children of the 80's, we enjoyed revisiting the hairstyles, clothing and music.
I am so glad I had an ACE nutrition webinar scheduled midweek that forced me to leave my office for lunch. I got away to Stabrucks on a sunny day.
I enjoyed the Whole Foods hot bar before heading to Boswell books on Thursday evening! They had a great assortment of Indian foods there this time and I was in heaven.
Loved seeing Amy Cuddy at Boswell! She was inspiring and I cannot wait to read her book, Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges.
I had off of work on Friday and Shiva would not stop following me around. He would sit outside the bedroom door and meow like this at me.
And as I baked banana bread, Pema jumped up on me. He eventually jumped on my back!
The sun was finally shining nice and bright! It felt so good to be exposed to warm sun. I cannot wait until summer.
Nektar Naturals sent me another bottle of their product and I tried it on a baked grapefruit (which is delicious by the way)! How had I never had grapefruit that way before. 
Love Costco's book selection and I took a photo of these two to remind me I want to read them.
Pretty Pewaukee before my haircut and highlight. 
Hadn't had my hair highlighted since I donated it back in September! Love my hair a bit blonder. 
I went shorter too! I figure I'll wait another year or so to grow it out again, so I might as well have fun with my cut.
Trying to find a mystery to read to fulfill the library winter reading challenge. I liked the suggestions they posted, but couldn't find any of them on the shelves. Any mysteries you loved that you can share with me?
I had gut issues all weekend, so this was the sad scene at an Indian restaurant. Craig got the buffet and all I ordered was a mango lassi. I was so disappointed that I couldn't eat. 
We headed over to a midcentury modern furniture sale after Indian food. No finds there either, except my grandparents' names in an old Milwaukee phone book, which was fun! 

Spotted this door on our walk back to the car and loved the details. 
I attempted to clean my headlights using baking soda, vinegar, a toothbrush, etc. but it failed. I think I need to sand it next.
Attended a Wisconsin Whisk food photography workshop at Drunk Lunch today! 
I don't have a lightbox nor a real need to buy one, but it was fun to try out.
 My natural light shot turned out best.
I tried not to add too many cat photos to this post, so if you want to view them, head over to a "lately" post on my cat blog Katzen Manifest

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