Sunday, February 28, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 9]

Girl scout cookies arrived! I clearly love peanut butter.
I had the privilege to attend a wellness seminar on Tuesday morning for work (I'm co-leading our wellness committee). This slide resonated with me. I loved talking about health for four hours. I couldn't get enough actually. I know it's my calling to work in that field someday.
I was near my new favorite vegetarian cafe, Beerline, so I headed there for lunch after the wellness seminar.
 I had a BLATz sandwich and loved it!
 I read my Kindle and relaxed while I ate.
I listened to Jewel's book on audio all week. Craig actually heard about the book via the radio and figured I would like it and he was right. My childhood experience was actually really similar to hers and it helps to hear how she's moved on from it.
We're geeks and go to the library once a week. This time, we got a bunch of movies and read magazines. 
I'm a cat lady, so I read Catster and spotted this funny article. Yep, this is so our cat Pema. I was actually reading the magazine to see if anyone else described a problem like Pema has, which is hair loss on his ears, but I didn't find anything.
I had this Outpost salad for lunch and it was delicious! I want to recreate it, so I took a photo of the ingredients list too.
My boss had a cold this past week, so I gave her some cold care tea and she exchanged it for an Aveda one from her stash. Once I finish all of my tea, I want to buy some of this because I usually only have it when I go to an Aveda salon and that's not as often nowadays.
I was itching to run all week, so I put some Hothands in my huge mitten and did it. Despite getting shin splits after, it felt great! Because I recently developed Raynauds, I swear by Hothands now.
Shiva and Pema usually want to cuddle with me in the mornings. It's just like when they were tiny kittens! Shiva was purring and so happy. It's a great way to start my day.
I couldn't tell if Tanzi was happy or miserable here. I texted the photo to Craig and it made him laugh.
Speaking of Aveda, I am a Pure Privilege member and received my first free gift with points! I like massaging this into my hair or using it as a moisturizer.
I went to the Good Harvest Waukesha market winter health fair on Saturday afternoon and enjoyed my time there! I picked up an unsweetened latte to enjoy since I was so exhausted from working late the night before.
They had an amazing assortment of samples at the fair. Plus, I spoke to the Jarrow sales rep and he gave me even more! Since I've been stressed and having digestive issues in the last month and a half, I concentrated on getting things that would help those health problems.
 Love the cats resting in the sun. They get so warm!
My favorite TV show ever, CBS Sunday Morning, had the cutest story on today about Kylie and her pet duck. Craig said that she was so me and boy was he correct! I grew up with birds as pets and still love them. I totally wish I could have had a pet duck that imprinted on me. One of our cockatiels definitely did and we had a special bond too.

If you're down in the dumps like I was this weekend, watch the video. She's so darn adorable!
I'm going to end this post with a quote by actor Will Wheaton. A colleague said it to me on Friday night about a horrible situation we were in. I only wish we could have uttered the words below out loud to the person acting like a jerk towards us. This is my way of saying to my audience, think before you speak. People don't respect jerks. They make life hell. It's amazing how one person totally made my entire Friday evening awful and in turn, might have even made me sick with digestive problems this weekend. Life's too short to deal with people like that. Change must come soon. I'll end my rant there.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 8]

I took off of work for Presidents' Day on Monday and enjoyed running errands all over town. I grabbed a small lunch at Jason's Deli and ran into my niece just as I was about to place my order, which was a nice surprise! Their french onion soup is vegetarian (soy-based broth vs. beef) and I loved it. The fruit cup with dip was also very good. 
One of my errands was running to Costco. I was bummed to find my favorite breakfast item changed a bit from orange and cranberry flavored to muesli.
 A very bland colored dinner--pierogis, sauerkraut and swiss cheese.
Received another title from Blogging for Books. Haven't read it yet, but I saw the workout section and it looks great!
 This is my new favorite magazine to read lately.
 Spying on Craig at the library.
The worst part of my week was getting my car fixed. I had to borrow that silver Honda Civic on the right for two nights. I got my car back on Friday and it's still not properly fixed so I must return tomorrow. Oh and I took this photo because the person who parked next to me at work was an ass. I had to carefully back out the loaner car and pray the two vehicles wouldn't collide. 
 Loved the Sweet Earth burrito that I had for lunch this week. I eat a cup of Chobani most days.
 My little snuggly buddy, Shiva.
 Panera for dinner on Friday night with Craig. Their pesto garden veggie soup was pretty good. I always get the Mediterranean veggie sandwich.
It was over 50 degrees on Saturday, so we took a bike ride outside! I regretted not wearing a winter hat like Craig did. My ears hurt for an hour.
 I missed biking so much!
 A typical weekend scene of Craig playing with the kitties.
Shopping at Hobby Lobby on Saturday. I'm contemplating getting this for our entry way.
Making cake batter truffles today with Pema staring at the mixer, which totally scared and intrigued him simultaneously.
 The messy counter as a I worked.
 I better finish watching Downton now and pay more attention to the story. Have a lovely week!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 7]

Pema being a jerk (or a witch). He likes to pull this refrigerator cleaning thingie out from the side of the fridge and then walks away. I didn't find it amusing at 6:00 a.m. 
I streamlined my makeup application process by pulling out a few essential items and adding them to this new cosmetic organizer. Loving it so far!
A detour past Miller Park since the freeway was packed one morning.
Thanks to Gretchen Rubin's Happier podcast for recommending this one! I love it so far.
I tried arm knitting at a free local library class! It was extremely difficult for this non-crafty girl, but I still found it fun. I am going to watch some videos on YouTube that run through the directions at a slower pace than the class could.
Always hawk watching. 
My sweet mom hemmed our curtains this week and now they're the perfect length!
Craig came to my work for an event on Thursday night and finally found a button that makes this guy howl.
A sick day smoothie bowl that was so delicious!
Shiva being pretty in the sun.
 My birthday on our cart at Woodman's!
 I love Woodman's because I always find new products, like these, to try out. These are yummy!
 Craig thought this mannequin was real at first, so I had to pose with it and be silly.
Friday night Fish Fry at my parents' church! I don't eat fish, so I had grilled cheese and a baked potato. Craig enjoyed his fried fish though. My mom was volunteering, so it was fun to visit her and people watch.
Saturday morning sun before we took off in the car for Chicago. I need to clean that glass door because I keep forgetting that the child who lived at our house before us left his mark there.
On our way to Chi-town, we stopped in Highland Park to see Cameron's house in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

And in Winnetka to see the Home Alone house! I've been wanting to see the exterior of this home since I was 10.
At Lou Malnati's pizza. But I love all those things!
 Mmm...deep dish cheese pizza. Yum!
Craig outside the Biograph theater where John Dillinger was shot and killed. It was freezing cold out, but we braved the weather and walked down Lincoln Avenue to see this!
The main destination for our trip to Chicago on Saturday was a visit here! It was our first time.
 Me as an Illinois suffragette.
 I love when Pema wraps his tail around his feet.
My attempt at Valentine's Day berry pancakes this morning. We don't keep maple syrup in the house, so I improvised with maple flavored Brown Cow yogurt and it was perfect!
 Have a great week!