Sunday, February 7, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 6]

Wow, how is it week six of 2016 already?!

I started out Monday evening reading this book. It's very short, so I finished it that evening. Definitely worth reading!
Craig's reading The Toyota Way. He's really into the lean process at companies since his workplace practices it.
 I drink drip coffee most days, but sometimes you just need a fancy espresso drink.
Our Door to Door Organics order arrived on Tuesday! I have always wanted to try a pupusa, so I ordered a box of those. I haven't tried them yet.
 I always add white chia seeds to my greek yogurt at work.
I did the Fitnessista's Winter Shape Up workout mid-week. I wasn't feeling great, so I turned to a workout to make me feel better. It totally worked!
 The cats always hang around me when I workout.
I was so excited to see this announced! After attending the Madison one last year, I was hoping someone would start one here. I really want to join their planning committee.
Sometimes you just have to leave the office to get lunch. Since all footlongs are $6 this month, I went with the more expensive veggie patty.
Walking in the sun on a break always feels good and refreshing, especially when you work in a windowless office.
Craig and I went to see monk Dae Kwang speak while he was in town from Singapore. Hearing his message is always life changing for both of us. I really need to implement his advice though. Also, I need to start meditating.
Seeing that alcohol only makes my recent health issues (acid reflux) worse, I probably shouldn't have this margarita while I washed dishes.
Loved the Blind Date with a Book exhibit at my local library! I didn't go on a date because I am overwhelmed with books right now, but I did pick up a hold on H is for Hawk, which I am super excited to start reading.
 Green smoothies for two!
 All three kitties in front of the fire. Shiva positioned himself in such a funny way!
 Beautiful sunrise on Saturday morning.
And a pretty mid-week sunset.
 I looked really pale all week. I need to get better soon because these gut issues are not fun! I think I am going to have to forego coffee and chocolate all week--which sucks!
We went on a long walk today and enjoyed the 40 degree weather! We spotted these pretty yellow birds in a tree and I also got to watch some hawks hunting & fighting!
My mama came over this morning and brought these magazines! She is hemming our living room curtains, so she measured and pinned them before taking them home to work on. Thank god for moms that sew because I am not domestic enough to do so!
We generally don't care about the Super Bowl, but we have the TV on so we can catch the commercials and I am excited to see Coldplay during halftime! I've always liked their music. Also, go Broncos because we loved visiting Denver and Colorado so much!

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