Sunday, February 21, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 8]

I took off of work for Presidents' Day on Monday and enjoyed running errands all over town. I grabbed a small lunch at Jason's Deli and ran into my niece just as I was about to place my order, which was a nice surprise! Their french onion soup is vegetarian (soy-based broth vs. beef) and I loved it. The fruit cup with dip was also very good. 
One of my errands was running to Costco. I was bummed to find my favorite breakfast item changed a bit from orange and cranberry flavored to muesli.
 A very bland colored dinner--pierogis, sauerkraut and swiss cheese.
Received another title from Blogging for Books. Haven't read it yet, but I saw the workout section and it looks great!
 This is my new favorite magazine to read lately.
 Spying on Craig at the library.
The worst part of my week was getting my car fixed. I had to borrow that silver Honda Civic on the right for two nights. I got my car back on Friday and it's still not properly fixed so I must return tomorrow. Oh and I took this photo because the person who parked next to me at work was an ass. I had to carefully back out the loaner car and pray the two vehicles wouldn't collide. 
 Loved the Sweet Earth burrito that I had for lunch this week. I eat a cup of Chobani most days.
 My little snuggly buddy, Shiva.
 Panera for dinner on Friday night with Craig. Their pesto garden veggie soup was pretty good. I always get the Mediterranean veggie sandwich.
It was over 50 degrees on Saturday, so we took a bike ride outside! I regretted not wearing a winter hat like Craig did. My ears hurt for an hour.
 I missed biking so much!
 A typical weekend scene of Craig playing with the kitties.
Shopping at Hobby Lobby on Saturday. I'm contemplating getting this for our entry way.
Making cake batter truffles today with Pema staring at the mixer, which totally scared and intrigued him simultaneously.
 The messy counter as a I worked.
 I better finish watching Downton now and pay more attention to the story. Have a lovely week!


  1. Seeing the photo of the row of books at your library reminds me of my recent visit to the Aventura library. They finally built a new library after not having one for 10 years! (destroyed in Hurricane Wilma) Here's the craziest part though, the new library is huge, looks amazing but hardly has any books. That row you photographed is seriously about the same number of books in the entire library!! It's as though people here don't quite understand how libraries are suppose to work.

  2. Funny about the cats and the mixer. My sister gave me a automatic blood pressure cuff--practically had the cats jumping out of their skin!