Tuesday, May 10, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 19]

I'm a bit tardy in posting what happened last week, but here's my summary!

Seeing this tree with the blue sky in the background reminded me of my favorite Van Gogh paintings, called the Almond Blossoms. 
I spotted this Little Free Library on my drive home from work one night, so that was our walking destination that evening.
We switched over to Google for e-mail, calendar, etc. at work and it's taking some getting used to. It's a nice change though.
 Beautiful cream city brick wall on a Milwaukee Public Library green roof tour.
 Pretty views of the West side of Milwaukee from the roof!
Always appreciating the beauty of downtown on my drives into and out of work. 

We said goodbye to our first house together on Wednesday night. We had a bunch of cleaning out to still do. I shed a lot of tears, mostly because of all of the lovely memories we made there. I love the newness of our current house much more than this old one that needed some love. Happy for a new family to make some memories of their own here.
Old staircase to the basement. Hope the new people give these three types of old tile a makeover!

We signed the closing papers on at this gorgeous mid-1800's farmhouse on Thursday night! The interior was awesome. 
We took Mom out for her 77th birthday and Mother's Day on Friday night! I used PicMonkey to cover up the ugly thermostat in this photo to my right.

Anyway, we went to Taylor's People's Park in downtown Waukesha. It was our second time there and her first. She was very impressed. Our food was all delicious and service was super fast again. Mom and I shared a delicious New Glarus Spotted Cow.
I ordered the Rosie's Garden Salad and it was full of fresh fruit, candied pecans and an amazing raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

We walked around the block and discovered a cute store called Burlap and Lace which features over 56 vendors specializing in repurpose, upcycled, handcrafted and vintage items. Loved the variety of items they had to offer and great gifts too!
My birthday in address form across the street from Burlap and Lace. 
Mom brought us a chocolate covered strawberry and truffle that she received from my sister for Mother's Day. They were a delicious dessert later that night!
Our two little black and white kitties still hide when company comes over, but Tanzi always greets visitors with such enthusiasm and love. My mom enjoyed that about him, so I sent her this picture on Saturday morning to tell her he "missed her." Weird cat mom, I know.
We had to run to the bank on Saturday morning, so we also made a quick stop at the library where I saw this lovely display of butterflies. They had little notes about what people loved about their library in honor of Library Appreciation Week at the end of April.
Three of our bushes near our patio bloomed this week and I love the bright green leaves.
I planted flower seeds on Sunday morning while the cats all watched through the patio door.
 We'll see how they turn out!
Craig has been working super hard at cleaning up the woods behind our yard (I've helped a little). Previous owners hadn't really trimmed tree branches, piled up old logs properly, etc. We also have tons of garlic mustard (an invasive species) to pull out. Too bad we'll probably be doing that consistently for the next 12 years or so.

Craig had an oriole land in the tree above him and it was his first time spotting one in the wild.
I caught Mr. Oriole on camera. Spot him?
 I saw this on Mother's Day and this sums me up pretty well!
I love all of the beauty in our backyard.
I'm reading Wellth and loved this quote from another book: "The decent method you follow is better than the perfect method you quit." Wish I had that to use when I was personal training.
I wasn't feeling great on Sunday (from seasonal allergies), so I sat outside to get some sun. Kind of funny that someone who is very allergic to trees, etc. sat outside, but I wanted some fresh air on such a pretty day! Loved this cloud that was moving above me.
 Really loving Wellth so far. I'll review it soon!
 Mother's day selfie with my crazy "son," Pema.

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