Sunday, May 29, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 22]

I was off of work on Monday and supposed to go hiking with a friend. She had a sick kid, so I took advantage of the extra free time I had and prepared for something next to these snuggly guys.

I enjoyed being home with my three guys and felt like I got everything I wanted to done. 

Craig and I went to the library on Monday night. I checked this book out and I can totally relate to Tess's story right now. 

We attended a program on rain barrels and rain gardens at the library. This was the library's fairly large rain garden. 
Drainage from the parking lot into the garden. We learned so much! I am not sure we'll ever have a rain garden, but I'd like a barrel someday to use for watering flowers and washing our cars. 
I was off on Wednesday too. I was all dressed up and trying to look as professional as possible in a black dress and cardigan.  
I was eating at the breakfast counter and Pema was annoying me by trying to eat my food, so I pushed him away and he ended up loving sitting in the middle of the room like this.
Watched Genealogy Roadshow time and distractions courtesy of Shiva, who was being naughty.
Mushrooms starting growing out of my mushroom kit even though I hadn't officially started it yet! Guess that was mother nature's way of saying I better start properly growing them. 
I received a lovely package of Bobs Red Mill's protein powder and this blender bottle. I tried the chai protein first and it was delicious!
We walked around Carroll University over the weekend. We were the only people on that part of campus! So many pretty buildings and flowers to check out. 
 One of my favorite flowers, lilacs.
 A gorgeous house near campus.
 We both liked this arch and yard in general.
The song I've had on repeat lately by the band Miike Snow. Craig doesn't like it. The lyrics are a bit weird, but there's something about the composition of the song and singing that I love.
I enjoyed looking at old plat maps at the library. It was fun to see the history of the land and farmers' names. I was checking out the New Berlin land I lived on from 1989 through 2000.
Made my annual spring strawberry rhubarb crisp tonight. I had a little helper, food lover Pema. His new thing is walking into the kitchen, smelling the air and then hovering if he likes the smell of what I am cooking or chopping up. His favorite lately seems to be eggs. 

I made the crisp in the microwave for the first time ever and it actually turned out just fine. So easy! 
 Pretty salvia in our front yard. Spot the bee?
I've got a big week ahead of me! Lots of changes ahead and I am ready for them. Have a great Memorial Day holiday! I'm actually heading into work tomorrow so I can save my holiday time and get it paid out.

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