Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 23]

I haven't been on the computer much this week, so I am a bit behind on my everyday life post for last week. 

I worked Memorial Day so I could bank the holiday hours and was in the office all alone. I took a coffee break outside to get some fresh air. 
I love the flowers in our yard. So many different colors and varieties! 

This quote was appropriate for last week. I closed the door on eight years at my job.
It felt weird to leave my office and see it so cleaned out.
Thursday was my last day. I shed lots of tears that afternoon, but as I walked to my car, I felt free and happy.
I felt like this by Friday. Mentally exhausted and ready to relax, but we had a wedding to go to over the weekend!
We packed up the car on Saturday morning and headed up north! We made it twenty minutes before the wedding started and Craig still had to change into his fancy clothes.
My hair totally flopped because it was stormy and humid. The right side of my head just wouldn't take or keep curls, ugh.
The reception was at the Sundance Chalet at Rib Mountain! What a beautiful setting! We had been hiking there a couple of years ago and I knew it would be a spectacular location for a reception. 

Us with Craig's cousin and her new husband! They're such a cute couple.
We left the wedding a bit early to drive an hour away to Craig's family cottage and were treated to double rainbows in the sky.

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  1. Wow, on my leaving work anniversary even. Guess we should have lunch and catch up!