Sunday, June 19, 2016

My Everyday Life [Weeks 24 and 25]

I've combined two weeks into this post! Here's my everyday life recap coming at ya on this lovely Father's Day evening.

I've been getting lots of walks in. Need to keep getting over 10,000 steps every day or close to it.
I was using the Asana Rebel yoga app and Pema had to join me in my practice. I can never do yoga without the cats sitting on my mat.
These bums can usually be found sleeping upstairs on the bed.
Coffee flavored gelato and reading Wellth out on the patio of Good Harvest. 
A deer was right to my left while I sat on the Good Harvest patio.
They want to go outside so badly. Having the patio door open makes them happy.
Zoo day with my friend Danielle and her two daughters! The birds of prey show made this girl smile so big. Danielle knows I am a bird lover and kept laughing at how excited I was during the entire show. Seriously--coolest thing ever to see this bald eagle fly right towards us. I have mixed emotions about zoos though.
Celebrated my dad's big 80th birthday by hiking with him and my mom at Retzer Nature Center!
Mom is always walking ahead of us!
Chocolate birthday cake and vanilla custard at my parents' house!
My niece Sara and her husband Chris are having baby Evelyn in July, so we showered them with love and presents last weekend!
We all got "babies" in ice cubes and if the ice melted, had to yell "my water broke!" First person to have their water break won a prize. Mine sadly did not break early. It made for a fun picture to send Craig in a text and he responded by saying, "this is the weirdest text I have ever received."
I've been making smoothies for us for dinner lately. I love summer. Oh and adding avocados to smoothies makes them amazing and so creamy.
I've also been adding this wonderful Bob's Red Mill vanilla protein powder to water as a post workout recovery drink.
My kitty love. So handsome. 
A cool quilt--I'd love it in different material.
We saw my brother and his family at Jason's Deli on Thursday night. My nephew got the salad bar! The kid is a very picky eater so I was impressed that he ate lettuce!
A delicious vegan wrap at Good Harvest.
My tummy was giving me some trouble last week, so I purchased one of these ALO aloe vera drinks. Don't know if that did the trick or if it was all of the probiotics I took, but I felt better after about 24 hours. I think it was also a bit of stress and nerves. 
My love Shiva and I chilling. 

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  1. I have similar feelings about zoos and really don't want to take the boys. So far we've only been to a wildlife sanctuary which seems like a better alternative.