Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sweet Meets Spicy with TAZO® Chai Latte K-Cup® Pods

[This post was sponsored by Starbucks as part of an Influencer Activation. I received compensation and complimentary products to facilitate my review.]

Chai lattes evoke feelings of warmth and comfort for me. I love the blend of milk, spices and black tea leaves. It's part sweet and part spicy (kind of like me)! Before this opportunity, I had never made a cup of chai in my own kitchen. Thanks to TAZO® Chai Latte K-Cup® pods, I can now brew chai lattes in my Keurig® machine at home.

I received the following adorable package to facilitate this review. 
I tried the vanilla caramel latte first and it was creamy and delicious! So easy to make too! The first step was to pour the powder into my glass.
 And then I brewed the TAZO® Chai Latte K-Cup® pods in my Keurig® in less than 30 seconds!
The results were a delicious cup of chai to enjoy from the comfort of my home. I could taste the blend of black tea, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, and cardamom. India is one of the top places on my travel bucket list and I'd love to have a chai tea there someday. Did you know that chai has existed for 5,000 years in India and in many Eurasian languages, chai is the word for tea?
Bestselling author and host Padma Lakshmi put together a wonderful assortment of recipes to pair with your cup of chai. Tea and chai have always been a part of Padma's family heritage and life and as brand spokesperson, she is excited to share and celebrate the flavors of chai with TAZO®

Interested in brewing your own cup at home? Find where to buy TAZO® Chai Latte K-Cup® pods here. You can find TAZO® on Facebook, TwitterPinterest, and Instagram.

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