Sunday, July 17, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 29]

Starting a new job is always nerve-wracking, so it was great to see this note from Craig on my car seat when I left for work on Monday!
My selfie right before I went in for my first day, which turned out wonderfully! 
After work, we celebrated with an appetizer, beer and dessert at a local restaurant!
 I had a delicious raspberry beer.
More changes came on Tuesday. I was unhappy with how my hair was highlighted a couple of weeks ago and while I hated to complain, I did and got a free redo. A new stylist was assigned to me and we decided on permanent color. She promised me honey blonde and I ended up brunette. I decided that I probably should just stop dying my hair in the future. I hate all of the chemicals, upkeep and money thrown at it anyway. I think this is the universe telling me to stop dying it and donate it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths again in two years.
I've never had my hair this dark before in my life, so it's a little weird. I do like that I can rock a bold lipstick now and not feel weird about it.

It was strange to go to my new workplace with totally dark hair on day three. Oh well!
I went to an excellent presentation on organization at our library on Wednesday night. I was very inspired by the presenter's message and hope to go to some of her recreation department classes in the future.
Craig has been obsessed with Pokemon Go since it came out. I swore I would not download it, but alas, I had to do some work research to see if we could use it for promotional purposes. My boss assigned me to the job and Craig was pleased I was forced to get the app.
I found one of my favorite ciders at Whole Foods a couple of weeks ago and celebrated the work week being over on Friday night with it!
It finally cooled down around here the last couple of days so we encouraged the kitties to sit in the windows. They're so happy they can watch birds and bunnies on a different side of the house.
We've got baby robins in a nest outside our house and I have obsessively been watching them. I can see their parents feeding them from inside our house too and it's so much fun to see.
After about two to three weeks of trying to grow the Back to the Roots mushrooms, they finally made an appearance and came out of the box! I'm the only mushroom eater in our house, so I better add these to some recipes this week.
Craig being silly with Pema in the window. I was taking pictures of the baby birds with the DSLR and couldn't help snapping some of these too.
I think I'll end it there! Have a great week everyone!

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  1. What an interesting week. Kudos for taking the hair coloring with aplomb, in your first week of a new job even! Let me know what your ultimate verdict is on the mushrooms--I've thought of trying them many times (though I got micro-green kit a month ago and haven't started it yet, so...)