Sunday, July 24, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 30]

I started out last week by volunteering as a baby bird feeder! It was busy and totally fulfilling. I was a full-time bird mom for 2.5 hours. This little blue jay below flew on my shoulder! The guy next to him was super funny. He wanted to steal everyone else's food and kept hopping around the cage to do so.
Cedar waxwings. Totally beautiful and unique birds. I googled what they'll look like as adults and they are so pretty!
I woke up the next morning and saw a blue jay at our feeder! 
I picked my first broccoli head this week. I was worried it would taste bitter because it started to flower, but it was fine. My plants are not liking this excessive heat. 
It was Craig's birthday on Tuesday! 
After work, we headed to the downtown area of our city for dinner and pokemon go.
We tried a new bar for dinner and the pizza there were pretty good and darn cheap at $2 per nine inch pizza.
We walked around downtown, mostly so Craig could play pokemon go some more, but I enjoyed the sites.
Even though it was very warm this week, I made sure to get outside at least once a day for some fresh air. I enjoy walking among the gardens at work.
And I walked at night a couple of times. I saw bats flying overhead right before this. Bats scare me, but I like that they control the mosquito population.
I went to a free yoga in the park class on Saturday morning! I believe it was my first time doing yoga outdoors and I liked it, despite ants visiting my yoga mat on occasion.
The scene above as I laid on my mat.
 Library mural.
Still obsessed with Outlander. I finished Season 1, Part 2 this weekend. I sent this photo to my former colleague, also named Margaret Ellen.
 Pema as a work of art, thanks to the Prisma app.
 And our orchids look cool this way too.

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  1. Another interesting week! Some friends of our count bats and have invited us to join them, but I have always declined. Birds would be much more up my alley!