Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 32]

Everyday life during the week of August 1st through the 7th. 

I was scanning a lot of photos of my dad and family in prep for an upcoming party. I always liked this photo of my parents at our old house. 
Monday, August 1st was a hectic and long day of work, but this was my beautiful view! I could see our subdivision from here. 
 Being surrounded by pretty flowers always makes me happy too.
We went to our second Tai Chi class on Tuesday. When in class, I find myself thinking about how much I miss yoga, so I probably won't do Tai Chi again.
We went out for lunch and custard at Le Ducs custard in Wales. This was our dessert. I never order sundaes, but this was Door County cherry themed and I could not resist.
The kitties turned 3 on Sunday the 7th! Unfortunately, I only saw them for about 5 minutes because I had to get up super early to fly to Washington D.C. for a work conference. 
One of these three year olds' favorite things lately is sitting in the windows and enjoying the fresh, cooler air. 
A colleague and I hopped on the plane to D.C. and started our five day adventure there! We walked along the pretty National Harbor when we arrived. 
I ate so well all week. The conference we attended did a fantastic job ordering veg options and I was impressed. I was pretty sick of eating bigger meals by day three or four though.
 The hotel we stayed at, also on the harbor. Such a huge and beautiful place!
 I stepped away for some much needed introvert time to sip a hard cider and check out the sunset.
 So many delicious tiny desserts all week!
A "kiss" goodnight text to my husband.

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  1. Love the sunset photo. Sounds like a pretty nice trip for a work trip!