Monday, September 5, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 34]

August 15th through 21st was quite a busy week!

I met some hatching turtles at my volunteering gig on Monday night. They were adorable, of course.
I finally went to the back of the wildlife center to check out the birds of prey (my fav), raccoons, ducks and more! This hawk kept yelling at me! 
We had our weekly Tuesday night Tai Chi class. Craig's making a crabby face because he didn't care for our teacher.
The pretty view from our class. I am sure I'll take more rec classes in this room and enjoy the view down the road.
Shiva looking cute as always.
A stormy sky on a nighttime walk.
Saturday the 20th was my dad's 80th birthday party! He turned 80 back in June and this was the time all seven of us kids and our families could get together to celebrate. It was a big family reunion of sorts. Here we are out of order.
And here's the birth order lineup! My oldest brother is 20 years older than me!
I met my newest great niece, Evelyn who was just over a month old at the time of the party.
As I referenced in earlier blog posts, we gathered so many pictures up and they were posted around the room. Seeing the photos of my grandparents, like my Grandpa Schmitt below always brings tears to my eyes. Losing your grandparents when you're young is one of the major negatives to being the youngest of seven.
Sunday the 21st was pretty low key since Saturday was busy! We went to our 7th wedding anniversary dinner a day early and enjoyed a yummy Indian buffet.

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