Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 35]

Week 35 coming at you! I'm almost all caught up, hooray!

My buddies the baby birds. These guys were naughty (but so cute) on my first night volunteering by myself. I found that I worked better all by myself though. I could manage the feeding times and cleanings pretty well on my own. I did need an intern's help feeding swallows though because they are the sassiest birds!
Craig was out in the garage for about 30 minutes before I walked out there to find him putting together a new toy! He bought himself a longboard online. 
 Combing hairy Mr. T.
We visited the humane society near us for the first time ever. I fell in love with this white kitty, as did every one else who was there.
 A pretty sunset as I drove to meet my friend Danielle for my birthday dinner.
 Started reading this book! Thanks to my old colleague for recommending it to me.
Craig longboarding while holding onto my bike. That proved to provide a good workout for me!
 Indian leftovers are the best. Hmm...I'm hungry for paneer tikka masala now.
 Pema holding my hand. He's such a cooky kitty.

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  1. The bird rescue is such a great mission! And I'd have wanted the white kitty too!