Sunday, September 25, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 38]

Week 38 started out with my usual Monday evening of baby bird feeding. Here's the room I volunteer in.
I finally had a hummingbird as a patient! I never got to feed him because he ate nectar out of the feeder on his own.
 Feeding this tiny guy scared me a bit. He was so fragile.
I get most of my lunches free at my new job! We usually have leftovers from daytime rental events, which is so nice! That dessert was a delicious lemon curd with berries.
Watching my nephew play soccer! I really miss playing the sport myself.
I'm still trying to walk or lift weights in the morning. I prefer walking because I get to listen to podcasts and get more steps in for the day! 
 Overnight oat prepping! I find adding frozen berries works pretty well.
Pema with the evening light shining on him.
 I'll end this post with beautiful little Shiva.

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