Sunday, October 2, 2016

My Everyday Life [Week 40]

Here's week 40 coming at ya!

Last Monday was probably my last day of baby bird feeding volunteering for the year. I only had three cedar waxwings as patients and once they were all fed and cleaned, I washed out my dishes. I know it sounds weird, but I started to tear up as I said goodbye to my last three little feathered friends. I saved the photo below from the wildlife center's Facebook page because it shows the birdies in the pre-release stage, which is so wonderful! See the third one from the left? That was one of my favorite patients who ate so well for me. That birdie was the cutest! If you love animals, I highly recommend volunteering or working at a wildlife center. 
 photo courtesy of WNC

Book haul from the library! Two of the books are ones I thought Craig might like, but the rest were for me.
On Friday evening, I picked up a delicious green smoothie and veggie burger on my way home from work. I was starving after barely eating all day and working super hard on a project, so I needed something stat!
The veggie burger did not disappoint! It came with lots of yummy greens on top and on the side too. Yum!
Craig's been out of town all weekend, so I chilled at home a lot. My mom came over and brought me a few magazines to read!
This guy was a jokester and trouble maker all weekend. His newest thing is trying to put his head in my mouth when I yawn! He sits close to my face when he cuddles and twice now, he has attempted to get his nose into my mouth. Crazy.
Found a couple of dresses at TJ Maxx, including this one! I think it will be fun to wear with tall boots and a scarf in fall and winter.
I really want a white kitchen table and checked out this one from the new Joanna Gaines Magnolia Home collection.
I feel like it's a bit big for our space. We have enough room, but we don't need a table this big. Craig doesn't like the drawers on the side but I LOVE them. They're awesome! Such a smart design idea.

We wrote our offer for this house a year ago today and are still shopping for furniture. I'm ok with it, but truthfully starting to get a little more anxious to nest and find key pieces.
I picked this up at the store today and can't wait to try it tonight! I am picky about my hard cider and have liked all of the Seattle Cider Co.'s flavors I have tried so far.
I also purchased a new to me cold brew coffee called Stok and tried that right away. Loved this coffee--so smooth and refreshing.
 Treat time for the kitties! The bag matched my sweatshirt.
I found a new fake plant in an adorable and modern pot at Target. I am not typically a fake plant kind of girl and plan to buy some real succulents soon, but I thought this might be nice on shelves we plan to hang soon.
Other weekend happenings included an amazing yoga class on Saturday morning, selling clothes and books, cleaning out and then donating a pile of clothes, watching a few movies, lots of cleaning and a little reading!

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  1. One of our cats will sometimes try to put his paw into my mouth when he is sitting on me. Would be cute but I know where those paws have been.