Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My Everyday Life [Weeks 41 & 42]

I combined my recaps of the first two weeks of October. Here's what they looked like!

The Tanzi-nator. I have so many nicknames for this guy. Don't know why, but I do. I usually give nicknames to people and animals I like and I really like this kitty. 
After talking about buying a succulent plant for a year, I finally found the perfect one. It likes the sunshine in the master bathroom window.
 So pretty and calming!
I purchased three meals through Blue Apron and enjoyed cooking the recipes they sent me! Full review coming soon.
New app love-Dr. Greger's Daily Dozen! Y'all know how much I loved Greger's book How Not To Die and I still continue to be a fangirl by getting apps like this one. It's a simple yet effective way to track your daily nutrition goals.
Gorgeous fall leaves at my workplace. 
Hated to leave this guy and his brothers for two days, but we did when we went on a road trip last week.
We roadtripped to La Crosse with stops at House on the Rock and Cave of the Mounds.

I love the Japanese garden at House on the Rock. I'll write a separate post about our trip.
I continued my silly tradition of taking a photo of a photograph after a tour. We never buy them since they're ridiculously overpriced and often in front of boring backdrops, like this one at Cave of the Mounds.
I never got the apple cider doughnuts I was obsessing over on our road trip. There were so many places we could have purchased them from on our way to La Crosse and then absolutely none on our way back! I settled for buying some from the grocery store. They satisfied my craving. 
I shot a gun! Anyone who knows me well is shocked I would do such a thing. Never thought I'd do that in my lifetime, but when in Rome...well when your husband's best friend gets married and he invites you to shoot guns with the guys, you go!
The wedding was Saturday and it was a pretty fall day! Loved the mums and pumpkins greeting us when we arrived at the hunt club.
 Adorable leaf cupcakes! They were delicious.
 The newlyweds being cute!
 Congrats Jeff and Amanda!
Weird story from the wedding--a server asked if my name was Kelsey. She actually thought I was my niece, who is about 13 years younger than me. They went to college together and she thought I was her! So strange!

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