Sunday, February 5, 2017

My Everyday Life [Week 5]

Week five coming at ya!

A typical scene most weeknights.
I consumed a lot of smoothies this week. I wanted to change things up a bit, so I made one of them a bowl.
 Waiting for an oil change. A hot chocolate and Jamie Dornan on TV made waiting pleasant.
I say this all the time. Is that weird? Apparently it's not too strange since someone made a sign with the quote!
My co-worker always has a funny quote to share. One of my favorites is "my cat is a millennial." Another co-worker wrote this one down and put it on my computer since Brenda said it after I had already left for the day. It started my work day out with a laugh.
 Reading magazines by the fire at the library makes me happy.
Tofu and avocado sandwiches were on repeat. We've been loving Dave's Killer Bread from Costco. I think I'm going to a do a Costco favorites post soon and share it in there.
 I finally got my desk ergonomics sorted out at work. I only wish I had done it sooner.
Craig and I shared the tortilla soup at Qdoba. It's so good!
Spent Saturday night watching this movie. I really liked it! I am a big fan of foreign movies. 
Fun times can always be had at Target!
I'm pretty sure I need this coloring book in my life. Especially since our current President is not making America great. Cats can though. Cats always make everything better.
Shiva basking in the sunshine at our patio windows. 

The week ended with a sunny Sunday, which was much needed and appreciated. We enjoyed a chill weekend filled with some cleaning, time with the kitties, catching up with my brother in France via Facetime, and running errands together today. 

Sometimes I look back and see what I was doing in week 5 last year and I noticed a couple of similarities to this year! I was talking about appreciating the sun and how I had some gut issues. Well, I didn't feel great yesterday either and sometimes I do think my gut problems affect me at certain times of year. I've been trying to eat healthy and also drink lots of kombucha to get some good bacteria in my gut. I think I should go back to consuming probiotics on a more regular basis, especially since I haven't been eating as much yogurt as I used to. 

Hope you have a great week! 

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  1. Your cats look so happy around the fire! And I'd love to read a Costco favorites post.