Sunday, March 12, 2017

My Everyday Life [Weeks 8-10]

We picked up Panza Rottas from a local Italian restaurant! It was so huge that it fed me for about three or four days. 
Pema loves wash day!
And he really liked the Pixar animated short, Piper. So did I!
I made banana muffins from the Minimalist Baker's cookbook.
Avocado toast with sea salt and Sriracha.
I tried this local brand of cold brew coffee.
Pretty morning reflections as I drank my first of many cups of coffee.
I believe this was my first Paczki ever! My sweet colleague brought them in for everyone.
Furniture shopping for about the 20th time. Craig likes this chair. I do too, but I worry it will compete with the busily patterned rug in our living room. Decisions, decisions.
We love Grassroots salad company at Brookfield Square. The juices and wraps are delicious!
I purchased a new bag of cat food and all three kitties went insane. Pema started to bite the bag while I unloaded the car. They all have seemed hungrier than normal lately. 
Cider haul from Total Wine & More! The two on the right are Swedish. The graphics on the cans attracted me to the brand. I found the Strongbow minis four pack at the checkout. They were a mere 99 cents for all four and a fun way to try the differed Strongbow flavors.
Old man snoring and sleeping at a library with Anthony Hopkins watching over him.
We finally tried a dessert donut from Tom + Chee. This was s'more and pretty darn good!

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