Monday, April 17, 2017

My Everyday Life [Weeks 13-15]

Here's what the past two weeks looked like!

Nothing beats roasted veggies. Yum!
 I enjoyed this Kite Hill almond milk yogurt. I'm just bummed that I can only find it at Whole Foods.
 An art break at work.
I look like a hipster in these Warby Parker glasses. Sadly, all five pairs I tried on at home weren't a fit for me. I've got another box on the way! This time, I sent a selfie to a customer service rep and she recommended some frames. Their customer service is amazing!
 Pema smelling my hair after a fresh cut.
 Craig and I discovered a new place to hike up to for great views of the pretty countryside.
 Yummy chocolate!
I've been needing to use up vacation days lately and have been using them wisely. I spent a rainy day off reading and taking quizzes for my CEUs. I passed three quizzes that day and now I only have a small portion of a credit left to finish.
 Finally chilling outdoors with my favorite magazine (and my favorite sandals ever).
Ordered a Schlitz beer at a local bar just because two of my grandpas worked for the company.
 An early morning walk is so peaceful.
 Back to walking in the morning before I have to sit at work much of the day!
I took this picture to taunt my sister since she loves Kopps custard so much. I got the flavor of the day which was, "roll of the dice."
This flavor tastes like pancakes. Very tasty!
 Celebrated national grilled cheese day with a vegan version!
I became an Aunt for the 20th time last Thursday morning! My sister-in-law had little Conner. Look at those adorable and tiny fingers!
 I just loved holding the little guy for as long as possible. He was so warm and cuddly.
 I propagated succulents for the first time. I hope they take!