Monday, May 29, 2017

My Everyday Life [Week 21]

On Monday afternoon, I enjoyed a long walk through the park and neighborhoods near my work with my sister-in-law. We caught up on life and got some exercise in at the same time!
I got home from that walk and went on one with Craig too. Alas, my hip was hurting the next morning so I decided to practice some yoga before work. 
I tried a couple of dairy free yogurts last week. Both were delicious!
This one tasted like dessert.
I received some Crunchi foundation samples and put them on the floor for a photo. Shiva thought they were cat toys and proceeded to play hockey with the one sample.
Craig and I went to the Sobelman's in Waukesha for dinner before heading to a library program (such old people, but I love it). We both had fantastic veggie burgers and I ordered a bloody mary.
This is on my co-worker's desk and is a very appropriate quote for all workplaces.
I have to dress up this Saturday for my biggest work event of the year and finally found a dress. I wanted to wear a long one so I don't have to worry about my shoes.
Craig and I went to an excellent program on the Ice Age Trail this week and at the end, someone mentioned the goats at a nearby elementary school as a green initiative. We decided to stop and pay them a visit on our way back from our Scuppernong hike. They are so adorable, especially the babies! 
Doesn't this look like England instead of Wisconsin?
Eating Indian food is always so comforting. I could eat it every day and never grow tired of it. 

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  1. Cute dress. I'll bet that's a great color on you. It's always so much pressure when you have to find the right dress!