Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My Everyday Life [Weeks 22 & 23]

Yes it is. 

I finally got to meet one of my favorite authors, David Sedaris, last week! He was as funny and genuine as I expected him to be. 
After getting to the bookstore to claim a good letter for the book signing line, I made my way over to the Third Ward to do some shopping. I love this display at Mod Gen Mke. 
Then I decided to head to one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants, Beerline Cafe, for dinner. 
I had a yummy Mexican breakfast crepe.
When I went back to the bookstore, I was surprised to hear that I could get in line for the signing before the talk! After I met David, he said he was in a good mood, but I think he was mad at some news he just received so he drew a picture of someone giving the bird in my book. Then he asked who I was mad with and I told him who everyone else in Milwaukee and the world is. He said he wouldn't ruin my book by writing our leader's name it, which was a good idea. 
A delicious salad bar lunch at Fresh Thyme on a lovely Friday off of work. 
I also bought these there. I was so happy to finally find some vegan collagen.
Best advice there is.
Found right after I purchased a very expensive but beautiful and special ordered bedroom dresser on Friday.
It sure is. Actually, I often only have coffee for breakfast now until about 10 a.m. I'm just not as hungry as I used to be when I first get up.
I finally made it to Scout & Molly's and I loved the store! Not only was the salesperson working there super sweet, but I immediately noticed they carried Matt & Nat vegan bags! I purchased this wallet/clutch.
Craig and I checked out the TGIF known as "thank green it's Friday" in nearby Wales. 
We enjoyed a smoothie at Mama D's coffee shop.
These conversation cards were on the table. Craig said this one totally represented me. I'm always questioning things I guess! 
The perfect place for a coffee lover to sit. Unfortunately, it was too late for a coffee.
Such a cute interior!
Saturday adventures at Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay! Even Einstein visited once. 
Largest refracting telescope right here!
Very cool carved columns.
This reminded me of Venice, Italy.
Even personal trainers need to refer to books once in a while as a reminder for form and variety. I've been working on my upper back and arms. It is almost tank top season after all. 
Celebrated my dad's 81st birthday on Sunday!

My sister Laurie and I were twins with our army green/gray bottoms.

My sister-in-law was joking that this is the perfect family photo, except those aren't our kids, but my nephews! Ha ha. Christmas card worthy for sure if these were our boys.

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