Sunday, July 30, 2017

My Everyday Life [Week 30]

Week 30 was pretty low key. I enjoyed this bottle of sangria I purchased at Costco. 
Wanted to learn how to code, so I attended a workshop at a library. Unfortunately, I did not learn what I thought I would and I think Craig could have taught me everything that was discussed. 
 Tried this for the first time and it was pretty good! I still like their pineapple flavor better.
 Happy to see bees hanging around my flowers!
Someone likes our new chair. I love it, Craig is trying to get used to it and we specifically ordered it to rock and glide for him.
 German fest with Mutti!
Loved the Haribo booth!
We waited in an uber long line so I could get some potato pancakes. They were pretty good!
Prost! Mom always drinks dark beer and I opt for the grapefruit radler.
Selfie stations with gorgeous areas of Germany were set up all over the fest this year. Loved that idea! So glad we actually went to Rothenburg ob der Tauber when we were in Germany. The town was so cute.
 Haribo bear!
 We ended our time at German Fest with desserts. Bienenstich kuchen for me.
 An almond horn for mom.
 I felt someone watching me when I woke up from a nap. It was just Pema being creepy.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

My Everyday Life [Weeks 28-29]

I finally purchased the vegan Haagen Dazs and both flavors are delicious! I would definitely repurchase. 
Lots of biking a couple of weeks ago. Funny thing is that I don't think I biked the entire month of June. We just seemed to take nightly walks instead.
I'm liking the new bamboo blur powder I purchased. It makes my skin really soft and helps my makeup last all day.
 More biking to our local natural grocery store.
 Right after Craig got attacked by a redwing blackbird. Eek! It dive bombed his helmet.
An amazing bald eagle during a program at work. I was in love. He made the coolest noises.
 Finished reading this book. I'll review it soon.
Ha ha, I saw this in a magazine at the library and showed Craig. He knows me so well. I just showed it to him and he said, "that's you." He teases that I was an old lady as a kid. I think I'm an old soul.
 Tons of frogs at the cottage. They're so cute!
Fun fact: my best friend in high school gave me the nickname of frog because I once swallowed a fly while we were playing tennis.
 Saw this up north and had to turn back to take a picture of it. Please exercise your right to vote.
 Up north sunsets are always gorgeous.
 Finally tried this vegan protein cookie. I would buy it again. It took me three days to eat because unless I am really craving chocolate, I don't have a huge sweet tooth anymore.
I purchased this natural bug spray before we went on our trip and we both really liked it. It smells better than most bug sprays and seemed to work really well. We went on two long hikes and it kept a lot of bugs away. I know it may not be perfect for preventing ticks, but it worked to keep mosquitoes and horse flies away.
I REALLY missed Shiva and the other kitties while we were gone. I always worry about them when we go away on trips, even though they're being checked on and fed. The two young kitties are shy and often don't come out, so they were super excited and extra loving of us when we returned.
Tanzi likes me holding his paw and Pema likes to "own" me by putting his on me.
I received a coupon from Social Nature to try these out. Craig and I both loved them. They were delicious and I paired mine with a huge amount of sauerkraut.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Travel: Bayfield, Wisconsin [Day 1]

Craig and I have been talking about a Northern Wisconsin road trip for years and we finally made it a reality last week. 

Since it is over 6 hours from Milwaukee to Bayfield, we broke the trip up into smaller segments on the way there. 

From Craig's family cottage, we stopped in Minocqua for an hour visit and then took a coffee and walking break in Ironwood, Michigan. 
Once in the Bayfield area, we stopped at our Airbnb to check in and drop off our luggage and meet our friendly host. Then it was time to find some food. We ate an early dinner among flamingo themed items at Maggie's Restaurant.
I ordered the floozy flamingo! 

We ordered two vegetarian sides and a salad. 
After dinner, we drove around town a bit and stopped at the Winfield Inn and Gardens because I knew they had flower gardens the public could tour. We ended up meeting a friendly and super soft kitty. I instantly missed our guys back home.
The flowers there were beautiful!

Once we parked in town again, we checked out a few shops and the pier. 
I want to do this on our patio!
The Old Rittenhouse Inn was a gorgeous old building to check out too.
The view from the inn's porch.
I loved the Scandinavian store in town and wanted to buy everything there, but resisted. Instead, Craig posed with the troll outside.
Bayfield's pier.
I loved looking at the unique old houses in town.
We stopped in the Bayfield library and it was so cute!
We found Bayfield to be a pretty sleepy town and we're not sure we will ever return there again, especially because it is so far away!