Sunday, July 9, 2017

My Everyday Life: [Weeks 26-27]

We went hiking at Retzer Nature Center and this scene reminded me of a Wyeth painting. 
Pretty wildflowers all over the park.
 I went to a wonderful program on essential oils at my local library. I learned so much!
 We tried Naf-Naf Grill one night.
We had a very long wait for falafel, but our pitas were tasty.
A somewhat fuzzy photo of the baby barn swallows I say hi to every single morning.
Watched my friend play cello at my work!
Both Craig and I hadn't been to a driving range since high school, so we decided to go last weekend. It was fun, but not as easy as I remember. Plus I ended up with a blister and a sore back and arm for days. Ha ha. Getting old sucks!
 Always watching bunnies in our yard. We also had a possum this week!
 We went for a nice 3 mile hike on the Ice Age Trail on the 4th of July.
The couple that hikes together stays together. We celebrated being together 10 years this week. Crazy how fast time has flown.
 We stopped and watched kayaks and canoes on the Oconomowoc River.
We hiked on the Loew Lake and Monches segments. I liked this quote on the Monches segment sign. 
 Pretty wildflowers!
I started meditating again this week. I use the Enso app
I loved this episode of the Rich Roll podcast. I agree with so much of what JD Roth said. 
 Smoothie bowls are the perfect summer dinner.
 Library day! I started reading Exit West and I'm not loving it so far.
I finally purchased a new chair for our living room this week. I went with the cement grey on the bottom. We did not want another grey piece of furniture, but it's so neutral, goes with our busy & patterned rug, and will cover up dirt.
 A visit from our neighborhood outdoor cat.
While trying to take a picture of the gorgeous full moon and clouds last night, I noticed a little visitor on the door.
 Tried the berry creme frappucino today and it was just ok.

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