Sunday, July 23, 2017

Travel: Bayfield, Wisconsin [Day 1]

Craig and I have been talking about a Northern Wisconsin road trip for years and we finally made it a reality last week. 

Since it is over 6 hours from Milwaukee to Bayfield, we broke the trip up into smaller segments on the way there. 

From Craig's family cottage, we stopped in Minocqua for an hour visit and then took a coffee and walking break in Ironwood, Michigan. 
Once in the Bayfield area, we stopped at our Airbnb to check in and drop off our luggage and meet our friendly host. Then it was time to find some food. We ate an early dinner among flamingo themed items at Maggie's Restaurant.
I ordered the floozy flamingo! 

We ordered two vegetarian sides and a salad. 
After dinner, we drove around town a bit and stopped at the Winfield Inn and Gardens because I knew they had flower gardens the public could tour. We ended up meeting a friendly and super soft kitty. I instantly missed our guys back home.
The flowers there were beautiful!

Once we parked in town again, we checked out a few shops and the pier. 
I want to do this on our patio!
The Old Rittenhouse Inn was a gorgeous old building to check out too.
The view from the inn's porch.
I loved the Scandinavian store in town and wanted to buy everything there, but resisted. Instead, Craig posed with the troll outside.
Bayfield's pier.
I loved looking at the unique old houses in town.
We stopped in the Bayfield library and it was so cute!
We found Bayfield to be a pretty sleepy town and we're not sure we will ever return there again, especially because it is so far away!


  1. Well, hey, we are heading up there this coming weekend. You just gave me some ideas. Was Maggie's Restauarnt pretty tasty? We hope to hit Madeline Island one of those days too.

    1. Yes, it was pretty good. It also receives positive reviews on a couple of travel and food sites.

      Enjoy the trip! It is beautiful up there.