Wednesday, August 23, 2017

My Everyday Life [Weeks 32 and 33]

I've made homemade hummus before, but I guess it's been a while because I forgot how incredible it is. One of my favorites is the sriracha flavor by Hope, so I added a little hot sauce to my version and it was perfect!
I loved these two podcast episodes last week. Dr. Michelle McMacken is featured on the Plant Your Self episode and her approach to nutrition and the medical field is so admirable. Check it out here

I've always wanted to try Veggie Grill restaurant and the #EatForThePlanet podcast featured co-founder T.K. Pillan. So many head nods while listening to that one too. 
Worked out at the Y with my cute mama! I was very happy to be in the gym again. I got the opportunity to show her TRX, which is one of my favorite tools for working out!
I NEED this passport cover I found at Paper Source. I sent a text with the image to Craig and he said, but then if you get this, you'll want to go everywhere. :) That's the point!
New nephew time! He sure makes a lot of funny faces. 
Loved the raspberry flavor!
Rollerblading while Craig longboarded on a lovely Sunday morning.
Tried this pizza for the first time and it was pretty good!
Thanks to Influenster, I was able to try the new Quaker Overnight Oats! I added almond milk to mine the night before and in the morning, I had a delicious and nutritious breakfast waiting for me.
Finally picked up one of these and it was delicious.
And we also finally played tennis. We always walk or bike, but rarely get on the court to hit the ball around. It was fun!
I received a coupon for a free voucher for any Nasoya product from Social Nature. Since Craig and I both love chipotle, I picked this baked tofu up and it was amazing. I would definitely buy this again as it was so easy to pop the package open and add the tofu to a salad or wrap. I warmed mine up a bit and it was nice that way too!
I enjoy cooking and need to do it more often. Here's my little work station for lunch prep. I had my parents over for lunch!
I made the Oh My Veggies tempeh sloppy joes. My mom isn't keen on spicy food, so I added sriracha to mine to spice it up a bit.
Tanzi was the only social kitty during lunch and he was curious what we were up to. So cute.
Finally received my custom ordered dresser last weekend. But...
The delivery driver dropped it on the way in and one of the legs is badly cracked. Ugh! Now I have to see if it can be repaired or replaced. So disappointed.
I was comforted by a mocha shake from Collectivo.
And this was how I felt about Saturday once that dresser was ruined.
We checked out India Fest at Humboldt Park on Saturday evening. It was so much fun! Delicious food, cool dancing, pretty music, and a great setting for a cultural festival! We had a combo plate from Bombay Sweet and it was tasty!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Travel: Lac du Flambeau and Manitowish Waters [Day 3]

Our last day of vacation started out in Lac Du Flambeau at Dillman's Bay Resort. I hung out in this space for the wi-fi so I could communicate with my mom while she fed the cats.
Craig and I enjoyed listening to a loon on the lake. See it in the photo below? The loon had such a pretty call!
We hopped on the bikes available for resort guests and took a little ride around the surrounding areas. Once we were back and loading the car, I kept hearing a strange noise. I walked around the corner and saw this cute little guy.
The reason we stayed at Dillman's was because Craig is obsessed with the prohibition era gangsters and the cabin below is where Babyface Nelson stayed (it was moved to Dillman's from another site across the lake). 
We were sad to check out of Dillman's, but we had a nice chat with one of the friendly owners before leaving. Then we were on the road again twenty minutes north to Manitowish Waters. Craig wanted to stay near there so we could check out the John Dillinger display at Little Bohemia, which did not open until mid-morning.

On our way to Little Bohemia, we stumbled upon the Voss' Birchwood Lodge where the FBI stayed and prepared for their unsuccessful Dillinger raid. There were a couple of ferrel cats on-site and we loved trying to get their attention! You can eat breakfast here and it was a happening place, but we simply checked out the interior, which was pretty cool.
After talking about going there for years, we finally made it to Little Bohemia

Supposedly, these gunshots were from the shooting of the Public Enemies movie. 
We arrived around 10 am, thinking the museum and restaurant would be open because their website currently lists the opening time as 9 am. Unfortunately, information on the web was not accurate and they did not open until 11 am. Just wanted to throw that out there if you're planning a trip to Little Bohemia on a Saturday morning.

The small display and Dillinger's room were really worth waiting around for.

I think this is the suit Johnny Depp wore in Public Enemies. 
Dillinger's clothes that were left behind after he ran from the FBI!
As you can see, the museum display featured many news articles about Dillinger. When I was looking at one of them about his death, I discovered that we visited Little Bohemia on the anniversary of his death. Weird coincidence!
The room where he stayed seemed very well preserved and authentic. I loved the fact that you could walk into it via the glass enclosure they built.
Bullet holes everywhere! How did those guys survive this shootout?

Back downstairs, you can see more bullet holes in the restaurant.
While it would have been cool to eat there, nothing on the menu really appealed to us so we just walked around instead.
I'm not a huge Johnny Depp fan, but I thought he did a great job portraying Dillinger in Public Enemies. 

More items of Dillinger's are on display downstairs in the restaurant lobby.

That was probably more than you ever wanted to know about Little Bohemia, but I thought sharing some information on it might be helpful to travelers!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Travel: Bayfield, Wisconsin [Day 2]

We woke up in our Airbnb just south of Bayfield and enjoyed a homemade breakfast of an egg baked with green onions, rhubarb muffins, and bananas.
We made our way north again and turned on highway J where the majority of the fruit farms are located. The first one we came to was Blue Vista Farm and we stopped there for raspberry picking.
Craig looks excited here, but he wasn't as thrilled to be berry picking as I was. 
We both enjoyed picking a small amount and now I want raspberry bushes in our yard!

Blue Vista also had an amazing meditation yert on-site. 

Isn't this space so relaxing?

Next, we headed west on some horrible gravel roads to Apostle Islands National Seashore. Most people go there to kayak, but we decided to hike to view the caves. The first quarter of the hike was on wood-planked paths and then we came to many muddy patches. 
It felt like we were never going to get to see the caves, but once we did, they were very pretty from above. 

No kayaking for us this trip, so we just watched the kayakers coming in.

Once we were back in town, I wanted to check out Big Water Coffee roasters.
I picked up a bag for myself and one for my mom and dad. They roast the beans on site!
Loved the iced coffee I had from there!
The hike left us hungry, so we checked out a few places for lunch and settled on The Fat Radish.
We were a little disappointed because we both wanted to order wraps with quinoa in them and they were out of quinoa, so we settled on sharing a caprese veggie sandwich instead!
Thanks to a small lunch, we still had room for ice cream!
There wasn't much else to check out in Bayfield, so we left downtown and headed over to Houghton Falls. It was recommended on a few sites and by the woman we rented our room from.
The hike was easy and beautiful. We loved the fews at the shoreline!
Our final destination for the evening was to Lac du Flambeau to check into our cute cabin at Dillman's Bay Resort
Here's our room!
The best part was the beautiful view of the lake.
One of the many things we loved about Dillman's was that we could use some of the equipment for free. I love paddleboating, so we did that for a little bit before moving onto kayaking. It was my first time kayaking solo that far, so I was pretty rocky at first. Once I got the hang of it I enjoyed my experience.
After spending time out on the water, we walked around the resort to check it out. We found a ping pong table and played for a bit! 
That was about it for our varied day two of our vacation up north!