Sunday, February 11, 2018

I'm back--my everyday life lately

I didn't mean to take a break from the blog. I have had the flu twice since the holidays, plus I've been working two jobs and studying commercial insurance information. Basically, life got in the way but I miss the blog and I'll try to get back on here when I can. Here's what life has looked like for the last month and a half. 

New years day. I was still sick with the flu, so it was just a relaxing day at home with books, kitties and tea. I am still reading the book below and it's a slow one to get through.
I passed two insurance exams in December and now I am onto studying for another. 
Finally upgraded my phone! I had to get the huge one for the better camera.
 My boys. :)
Took some time around the new year to clean the fridge out and wipe down everything. It has stayed fairly clean since then. I am trying to buy less on my shopping trips, but it's hard.
 Tried this plant based yogurt finally and it was really good!
My dad unexpectedly ended up in the hospital in January. This was the view from his hospital room. He's ok now, but it was pretty frightening to not know what was going on for a while. 
This was my book club's January pick and while it was a pretty strange book, we had an amazing discussion. I left there thinking "these women are smart and so inspiring to be around." Sadly, I have to work during the February club so I'll be missing it.
Craig's co-worker brought back some tea and a lovely bird gift from her trip to Iran. The bird says "life is great" on it. It sure can be pretty great!
Finally finished this book and it was a fun read!
Yummy homemade vegan pizza. Wasn't keen on the vegan cheese though.
The third book I finished in 2018 was Beartown. Such a good read! It took a while to get into, but once the story got more complex, it had so many important and timely messages.
I had Friday afternoon off because my work offers a flex program. I read Ikigai, shoveled, and relaxed with the cats. It will be so nice to have every other Friday afternoon off to look forward to.


  1. I always find a clean refrigerator exciting too (though it's rarely that clean)! Now besides the new part time job, did you get a new full time job too?

  2. And glad you are feeling better. That seems so unfair to get the flu more than once but I'm hearing that a lot this year...