Sunday, February 18, 2018

My Everyday Life [Week 7]

Here's what week 7 of 2018 looked like!

It was Valentine's week. I spent the whole day and evening working. Boo!

I did purchase these adorable v-day themed coasters for 70% off at Target.
Pema continued to be challenging for us. He's been bullying the other cats, but especially Tanzi.
 Winter is beautiful, but I miss warmer temperatures.
We were big fans of the Netflix show "Making a Murderer" so it was no surprise that we went to see local lawyer who was on the show. He did a great job talking about law and being a lawyer.
I am more and more disappointed by Lily Lolo mascara. It sucks when you try a cruelty free product that is well loved, but doesn't quite do it for you. It clumps and flakes! Yuck. If you have recommendations, send them my way.
 Always watching these gorgeous hawks in our backyard.
I had to coordinate salad club at work at the last minute, but I pulled it off! I love being a member of the wellness committee. Having salad for two days was wonderful! 
I played heart bingo at work this week and the proceeds benefited a non-profit. I was not lucky though. :(
 Craig bought this on Amazon with the hope that it will calm our bully cats down.
 Here's what it looks like.
 Dinner with my buddy.
 Loved this episode of Freakonomics radio!
 Before my haircut!
 My valentine. :)
The naughtiest little kitty and me. I look tired in the photo below. We got up early for a pancake breakfast and I was sleepy.
Reminds me of my dad. We always tease him about napping, but that's because he does it every single day after lunch.
I finally did something I have been wanting to do for ages--I saw a personal stylist at Nordstrom. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything I liked or that fit me well. I'll do a review of the service with more photos like the one below soon. This is my French girl outfit!
Girl scout cookies finally arrived! My favs are the PB patties. I tried the s'mores because they're vegan, but I did not love them.

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