Sunday, March 11, 2018

My Everyday Life [Weeks 8-10]

The character in the book below reminded me so much of myself sometimes. I was texting Craig quotes and he agreed. 
I tried these Vega one packets to see if I should invest in larger tubs. I liked the coconut almond one best and I really didn't care for the french vanilla.
 A flex Friday lunch and my buddy joined me.
 Then he proceeded to be naughty by sitting on the table, of course.
I was happy to see our Costco getting more vegan products in stock (well besides the obvious ones like fruits and veggies). Both of these snacks below are delicious!
 How weird to see the Sears store at our local mall all cleared out and ready to close for good.
 When it's warm out in Wisconsin, you take three walks a day to enjoy the sun and 50 degree temps.
 Love this new cookbook from Chloe!
 A recent 100% Pure purchase.
 My adorable boys.
 Sunday morning shadows.
 Started this book a week ago and I really like it so far. I know it has been getting great reviews.
New bowls from Crate and Barrel with the Kind peanut butter granola I can't seem to get enough of lately.
Still taking elderberry every day. This time, I tried gummy samples I got a health fair and I really loved them.
Salad club lunch at work. I added the dehydrated beets from Trader Joe's and they were a delicious addtion.
 A pretty icicle tree outside of the lunch room at work.
I told Craig this reminded me of the Hobby Lobby fake flower photo trend that's happening right now. So weird.