Sunday, May 5, 2019

My Everyday Life [Weeks 17-18]

Here's what the past two weeks looked like!

We've married for 10 years, together for 12, so I guess it was inevitable that we started dressing alike on accident. We both changed and got ready for a walk separately and came downstairs to realize we were twinning. So weird. I went back upstairs to change into different pants. :)
 Easter Sunday hike with my brother Gary, Craig, and Mom at Brady's Rocks on the Ice Age Trail.
This was a great book. I loved it even more because it was based on the author's family's experience during World War II.
 Happy 80th mom!
 Finished this very hyped but, but decent read.
 Love my new bookmarks!
 I guess my interests lately are environmentalism and veganism.
 This is delicious!
 Spring is finally here!
 My little baby Shiva and I.
Dinner with Danielle last night. 
 I enjoyed a delicious mushroom, cashew cheese, and arugula pizza with a peach raspberry martini.
These two are shedding like crazy lately, throwing up lots of furballs, and still fighting off and on since Pema is a jerk face. Shiva is still so loving and sweet, despite getting picked on off and on.

Hiking: Lion's Den Gorge Nature Preserve

This weekend has been absolutely perfect, so we took full advantage of it and headed outside before a crappy week of weather ahead.

I've heard so many good things about Lion's Den Gorge Nature Preserve in Grafton and we finally checked it out this morning.

Parking and the park entrance is free. We parked at the front and walked on a few planked trails until we hit the graved trails that lead to Lake Michigan.
 There's a pretty swamp area with lots of red-winged blackbirds defending their territory.
I loved these yellow flowers near the streams.
Don't these buds look like caterpillars?
 So many great paths to choose from! We started on the bluff trail.
 Naturally, we were aiming to see views like this.
 The trails are well-maintained, flat, and the types of trees change throughout the park.
We both liked this cute bridge among all of the pretty birch trees. 
Near the bridge, we took the stairs down to the beach. The water here looked tropical at times.
 Of course, Craig always finds rocks to skip. I always fail at skipping rocks.
 People left little rock art creations around the beach.
 The bluffs around the lake were pretty treacherous looking.

Love hiking together! It's a great and active hobby and I'm so thankful to have a partner I can do this with for life.

Memories from today: so many spring birds out everywhere, a random dog on the trail growling specifically at me while I sat on a bench, and "Sunday' driving through the country on our way home.
We were starving after all that activity and headed to downtown Grafton to get a bite at Collectivo. I wanted to check out their new vegan options. I had the Edamame Hummus Wrap and a Green Hornet smoothie. The wrap wasn't my first choice, but they were sold out of the Cauliflower Bahn Mi so I had to settle for something else. It was still delicious!