Monday, December 7, 2020

My Everyday Life [Week 49]

Here's what week 49 looked like!

My November reading recap. This was a bummer of a month. The first book I read was lengthy and a little boring. Plus, I was really obsessed with the election so I wasn't reading every night. My faves were Verity and The Book of Unknown Americans.

Obligatory Spotify 2020 recap. Looks about right.
Mom and I made the Ice Age Trail's Facebook page this week!
I won this engagement calendar and a wall one, so I started documenting my workouts and quotes in it to keep me motivated. Given that it is book themed, I should also document my reading in it!
Pema likes sitting on this spot of my desk to bask in the afternoon sun.
We came back from a walk to find this little package on our doorstep. A book club friend made the mask and left it for me! I love it. 
I started this 12 week workout plan this week. So far, so good. It's tough, but fun to stick with a plan.
Pema likes to hang out with me while I workout. 
Craig and I got out of the house on Saturday. We did curbside library holds pickup and then checked out this new to us park in Pewaukee, Simmons Woods. It had a nice little trail and a long boardwalk. Winter hiking is keeping us sane this year.
King Pema. 
Thinking of Grandma, who made this ornament and is my Christmas tree angel every year. 
I started this for book club and it's ok so far. 
Getting in the holiday spirit. 
Have a great week!

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