Monday, December 14, 2020

My Everyday Life [Week 50]

Not a particularly exciting week 50 to report on, but it was a good one nonetheless. I did lots of reading, watching old home videos from the early 90's thanks to my sister Laurie, hurt myself working out so I had to take a little break for a while, and tried to still get out and walk every day. 

Pema the little sassy model. He's still being very cuddly with me and I don't mind at all.
A gorgeous hawk on a neighbor's front step. I thought he was hurt at first, but then he flew off to hunt somewhere else. 
Our new artwork of the beautiful Columbia River Gorge in Oregon! I love it in person even more than I thought I would. Now I need to get it hung up. 
I made peanut butter cookies with a very interested assistant. He loves peanut butter.
Staying warm together in their favorite sleeping spot. 
I won these dish brushes from Zefiro in Chicago and absolutely adore them. I like that I can replace the dish head and don't have to buy a whole new one each time it starts to go bad. The bottle brush on the right is wonderful for cleaning out the bottoms of water bottles and smoothie cups.
More new artwork! I finally found pieces I like and took advantage of holiday sales. 
His and hers vegan pizza night from Toppers. I still like the buffalo chicken-less pizza the best. I tried Tuscano popper and Craig got my favorite. 
Pema sticks his tongue out for 5 minutes and I don't know why. Such a dork. 
I finished my 2020 reading challenge by reading my 60th book this week! By the way, I highly recommend "Atomic Habits."
Yes we do. Seen on a walk we took past some nice older houses near one of the Universities in our city. 
Cozy kitty by the fireplace. 
Pema dominated the blog this week so here's a photo of my other sweetie, Shiva. 

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