Monday, July 19, 2021

Road Trip Adventure to Spring Green

We visited Spring Green for Craig's birthday and stopped at the gorgeous Waunakee library on the way!

The day included a walk downtown, a visit to Arcadia bookstore,  the farmers market, Spring Green library, Spring Green general store for fun browsing and a delicious lunch (with a memorable pair of old ladies who sat next to us and kept talking to me), the unique Spring Green preserve state natural area with sand, lizards, cacti, Frank Lloyd Wright's original grave site, Unity Chapel, and a store with a small farm. Phew! What a busy but fun day. Craig teased that it was like my birthday with all of the book themed events, but we both like visiting book themed places. :) 

We haven't been able to travel out of the state due to COVID, but road trips in our beautiful state are also nice and rejuvenating. 

The hike to the top was tough, but we made it. 
And this view was our reward. 
Taliesin fits in Craig's hand.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Hiking: Emma Carlin Trails in Palmyra

Happy Spring! We enjoyed our second day of the new season by hiking the Emma Carlin Trails in the Kettle Moraine Southern Unit today. We covered 3.06 miles hilly miles total in a little over an hour.

Getting to the trailhead is easy. It is south of Hwy 59 and off of Hwy Z. Parking at the trailhead requires the state park pass. There are restrooms, a water fountain, and picnic benches at the entrance. 
Since this is our first longer hike as a group so far this year, we decided to stick to the shortest trail, which was the brown loop. The hiking and mountain biking trails were clearly marked at the trailhead.

Here is a link to the trail system map PDF.
Along the way, you need to look for the arrows designating the color trail you are following. But be careful, we almost went the wrong way at one point. There was a brown square on a tree, but it blended in and did not feature an arrow on it.
Can you spot the brown square? We couldn't!
The trails were somewhat muddy in spots (which we expected post a wet winter), but overall looked dry and rocky like this photo.

Craig spotted this beautiful plant. We have no clue what it is, but we saw it in a few spots right along the trail.
We had never seen this grating on a trail before but it provided nice traction as we hiked uphill.
We always enjoy seeing the kettles along the way. The path we took was quite hilly and we were pretty high up at one point. 
Even the fallen trees are beautiful.
We were wondering what happened to this tree!?
It felt good to be back on the trails again! It was mom's first time using her trekking poles. They are wonderful to have on trails like those we hiked today that are rocky and filled with tree roots. 
The trailhead for the Ice Age Trail is also accessible from the parking lot at Emma Carlin. We'll have to head back out there to check out that trail sometime. 
The Ice Age trail entrance featured these pretty trees, which I love lately.
Two good reminders found on the car parked next to us. Getting outside makes me feel like I'm living the life I love by moving my body, getting sunshine, being in nature, seeing animals and birds, and being with those I love. 

Emma Carlin Trails 
Co Rd Z, Palmyra, WI 53156