Sunday, February 7, 2021

My Everyday Life [Weeks 2-5]

Here's what's been happening around here the last three weeks!

Pema is obsessed with this tissue paper from Christmas. He comes into our bedroom every night and plays on it. Weirdo!

I took a full day of PTO on Friday and since I had to go to Trader Joe's nearby, I stopped at Outpost for the amazing tofu sandwich I had been craving for months. 

New wreath for our front door! Our old one was falling apart and it drove us nuts. I found this modern one at Target. 
Craig started growing green onions inside and they are already so big!
Adventures in patching up walls and painting Ugh! The previous owners didn't label all of these various blue colors they tested on the walls. Now we'll have to bring a paint chip in to match and I hope it's perfect.
Sun chasers. 
Gorgeous winter shadows seen on one of my daily walks.
February TBR list. I read 10 books in January and I'm on track to read 100 this year. 
I read this one last weekend during a snow storm. I liked it, but it was much more of a memoir than I expected. 
My baby and I. He snuggles up on my shoulder or chest like this so often. 
Reading Caste by Isabel Wilkerson while riding my indoor bike. It was such a good read! 
Even Craig is getting around to reading a few books this year! 
This is what Pema does to get my attention during the work day. He comes to visit me in the office sometimes and insists on me touching him, otherwise he does this.
Baking banana bread with nosy Pema.
A beautiful but deadly backyard visitor. The next day, he caught a squirrel or a rabbit. 
Craig hasn't been hiding his crush on Adriene during our month of doing yoga on YouTube. He especially liked her bright blue pants this day. Men!
January 20, 2021, the sun came out for a new administration. It literally felt like a weight had been lifted. 
Yoga with cats is always adventurous. 
I tried to hide away to read upstairs but my stalker found me. 
This made me laugh and then I felt guilty, as sometimes I turn a bad five minutes into a bad day.
My German has already improved so much with Duolingo. 
A beautiful backyard visitor. She had two friends with her. It made for awesome lunchtime entertainment. 
I'm trying to eat healthy and fresh in the middle of winter. I have been craving avocado toast with various toppings lately and radishes really hit the spot a couple of weeks in a row.