Sunday, January 9, 2022

My Everyday Life [Week 1]

 Hello 2022! Here's what this first week of the new year looked like.

I read The Sentence all week and loved it. What a great read to start the new year with. It featured a ghost, bookstore I want to visit in Minneapolis (Birchbark Books), Native American culture, COVID, and the murder of George Floyd. I read Bring Your Baggage and Don't Pack Light two weeks ago and DNF'd No Cure For Being Human. 

I practiced yoga every day with Adriene on YouTube in her "move" 30 day challenge. By the end of the week, I was feeling really strong. I weigh less than I did doing it last January, so I feel more agile in general.
I decided to do it upstairs this year because it's warmer in the part of the house. Plus the LED Christmas lights Craig put up this year made it festive to practice in our spare bedroom.
Per usual, Shiva followed me up there and joined me.
Like last winter, I am trying to get outside when it's bearable. 
The couple that reads together stays together. We read side by side for about a half hour almost every single night. I read The Sentence and Craig read The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Pema continues to want to sleep on my fleece blanket in the bedroom. Can't blame the guy as it's cozy and warm.
He gets really silly when I pay attention to him one-on-one and sticks his tongue out.
I won coffee from a bakery that is opening up this Spring and it's really delicious! 
I finished this book today and it was an excellent mystery! I haven't been into mysteries that much in the past year, but this one had a great story, characters, setting, and the writing was excellent. 
I also finished this children's book and found the story important to read and the illustrations well done.
With omicron numbers surging in the US, we hunkered down over the weekend. We caught up on things around the house instead of going out. We need some better masks in order to feel more secure about venturing out again. I am exposed to enough germs at work but it's a busy week and I need to stay healthy!

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