Monday, January 17, 2022

My Everyday Life [Week 2]

By the end of week 2, this is how I felt. Two twelve hour days in a row left me exhausted, but also exhilarated because I love what I do. Planning for a new library is hard work!

Shiva and I practiced Yoga with Adriene together a lot. He likes to cozy up to my hair and distract me.
And then he finds that too many downward cats is overwhelming and decides to take a nap mid practice.
Lunch at my desk with a good book. I had to return it before I could finish it. I liked Patchett's writing in this title, so I'll check it back out again soon.
My little cuddler.
More scenes from yoga. I am still feeling really strong and flexible this January.
I love my new t-shirt! 
After talking about it for years, mom and I finally tried snowshoeing out at Retzer Nature Center as part of the Waukesha JanBoree festivities. And despite registering in advance, they ran out of snowshoes pretty quickly so we had to try men's size 30. It was still a blast and a great workout!
I loved the self-guided hike information they posted throughout Retzer. 
I can't wait to try it out again with proper sizes next time! We even had a light snowfall coming down to make it even more atmospheric. 
Mom had never done any winter sports before Saturday. It's about time!
We were told to go "off trail" so we did. It was much more realistic feeling than being on the packed down trails. 
Other happenings this week included me getting pulled over and a warning (ugh), Craig teasing me about it, and a lot of time at home since it's winter and COVID is still terrible.