Monday, July 4, 2011

A cookout and happy 4th!

Yesterday afternoon, we went to Craig's Aunt's house for a cookout.



I should have brought a veggie burger along because I didn't get much protein from my meal. I had corn on the cob, sauerkraut, tomatoes, onions, potato salad, cherries, and then this yummy dessert plate.


I love the no bake dessert with berries that Craig's Aunt Susie makes every year. I remembered it from last year. Am I a foodie or what?

I also enjoyed a Mike's Fruit Punch Hard Lemonade (wish I had this raspberry one pictured instead though).


Our afternoon entertainment was watching Lucky and MacGyver learning about the birds and the bees. Yes, they are both boys. As Craig's 8 year old second cousin said, "why is that one doing the butt dance?"


I felt pretty full from the cookout, so I napped for a bit when we got home and then I burned some cookout calories at the gym. It was nearly empty again, which was fantastic! I biked while reading a magazine, lifted a full circuit of weights, and I lifted some free weights.

We slept in this 4th of July and I decided not to go to the outlets with my mom. I have to buy an expensive new Mac laptop soon, so clothes shopping shouldn't really be my priority right now.

We started our morning out with a bike ride to a local park.

Craig and bike

No scary nature stories today, phew!


This duck was more innocent than the mean goose from Saturday.

duck at park

After cleaning, doing laundry and dishes, I felt like making something. I put together some pesto because our basil plant is growing really quickly now and I need to use basil up!

I used Mark Bittman's Basic Pesto recipe from How to Cook Everything.

How To Cook Everything by Bittman

Basic Pesto recipe


Craig had it for lunch and it turned out ok. I think I toasted the nuts a little too long.

pesto with pasta

toasting nuts

I'm saving some for a dinner this week.

I was not hungry today and I forced myself to eat lunch around 2 p.m. I think I am having some digestion issues from not taking one of my meds. I need to go buy it this week!

Lunch was spinach with a Morningstar Black Bean burger, red peppers, tomatoes, and olive oil/balsamic dressing and a berry smoothie with Bonne Maman wild blueberry drizzled on top.


I needed to force myself to relax in the afternoon and still had to watch The September Issue, so I popped it in the DVD player and enjoyed some coffee ice cream too.

coffee ice cream, The September Issue

I really enjoyed the movie! Definitely an interesting insight into Vogue and into Anna Wintour's style of leadership. I liked this movie so much more than the others I have seen lately. :)

After the movie was over, I ended my relaxation by organizing files and part of a kitchen cabinet that has been bugging me for a while.

For dinner, we continued our salsa Sunday tradition!

salsa, chips

And now I need to go meditate and then get ready for the week by making lunch for tomorrow and reading a bit.

I am sad that this three day weekend is over, but I felt like I got to relax and also got what I wanted to done. I wish every weekend was a three day one, especially in the summer.

Hope you had a good 4th of July!


  1. I enjoyed The September Issue as well, although I will say I found myself much more interested in the doings of Grace than those of Anna.

  2. Agreed! Her job is definitely more interesting!

  3. That dessert looks delicious! And "the butt dance" is!