Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fitness and your astrological sign

I saw this Spark people article mentioned on Sweet Tooth Sweet Life just now and thought it was kind of fun, so I am sharing it with my readers too.

I'm a Virgo and the horoscope is pretty true to my fitness philosophy and my personality.

Virgo: August 23 – September 22
Virgos are the analysts of the Zodiac. Because you like to look at the big picture and see what’s involved, you are great at taking a big goal and breaking it down into manageable steps. Instead of concentrating on a losing 30 pounds, focus on losing one or two pounds a week, one week at a time. You’re a pro at deciphering information and deciding whether it's useful or not, so take the time to read through the stack of fitness magazines next to your bed and devise your own workout routine. You can't handle chaos, so you need to have an organized fitness plan. You're more likely to stick to plans made in advance, so spend Sunday evenings with your calendar and plot out your fitness routine for the week.

I do think I could take some advice from it--planning out my fitness routine for the week and sticking to it more. I have tried it before, but I tend to let other things come up or kind of go with "what I feel like doing" at the gym.

And I love to read through Fitness magazines or books and come up with my own plan. I like to be more independent at the gym because I know what my routine will be and I like to stick with it.

If you checked out your astrological sign, does it match with your personality and fitness goals?

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  1. I just posted a blog about my new workout routine and it coincides with my horoscope. I'm a virgo!