Sunday, July 24, 2011

Garden Update: Mid-July

I thought I would write an update on our garden!

We grew everything but the green beans in containers.

We have picked two big batches of green beans in the last week.

green beans

Our roma tomatoes took a big hit this year due to inconsistent watering. The bottoms were turning an icky brown and we didn't know why until we discovered the cause through using google search.

Some are doing ok now. Phew! We love romas so we need a great batch of them for salsa, bruschetta, salads, etc.

roma tomatoes

tomato brown on bottom

We have a bountiful crop of yellow hot peppers.

hot peppers

The cilantro is starting to die. This might have been our fault because we let the flowers grow in on top. Believe me, we picked them off for weeks, but they just kept coming back.


The basil is thriving and I have been using it in recipes more often than I did last summer.


And some of our cherry tomatoes are doing ok. Some are starting to turn orange, finally!


We also have gotten a few green peppers. They have been on the small side because they are growing in really close to each other. I am kind of bummed about this because I wanted to let them stay on the plant longer for some red peppers.

Do you have a garden? I don't have the green thumb in our family, but lucky for me, Craig is really good with our plants.


  1. OH my goodness what wonderful veggie gardening success! :) Your produce looks fabulous!

    We don't have a garden quite yet but we finally have space to start one, I can't wait to try! :)

  2. Wow! I just love to see pictures with vegetables ready to ripe and all green and healthy around them! Congrats on the fine garden!

  3. All of your veggies are absolutely doing perfect. I can't wait to see my veggies grow and produce like those.

  4. You said that you're addict in all things that are nutritious, well, you have made a right choice when you decide to have a garden because for sure it will give you nutritious foods like those vegetables shown in your pictures. Keep it up!