Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nutrition Podcasts

I can't believe the week is almost over! I had a great day at work. That is awesome considering today marks the start of one of my busiest seasons at work. I guess I just needed a change of pace and getting away from my desk most of the morning felt good. The day flew by! I always had something to keep me busy and I kind of thrive on that, as long as I am not too stressed out.

I've been listening to nutrition podcasts on my way to work lately (all pictures were taken at stoplights, not while the car was moving) and while this one hasn't impressed me yet:

Vegetartian Food For Thought

There just has been mostly promoting of the podcast author's books and her being apologetic for not podcasting for a while. I haven't learned much at all quite yet!

Vegetarian Food for Thought Podcast

This one did impress me today! The subject was "The Dark Side of Soy." I can't wait to keep listening. I kind of like the speaker's voice though because she's from Minnesota and I find her Midwestern accent soothing. I know, I am weird. :)

Dishing Up Nutrition

They were cautioning using soy for menopausal treatment and eating too much of it in general.

Dishing Up Nutrition

Do you ever listen to nutrition/fitness or other podcasts? Any favorites? I like language podcasts too. I am sort of a language geek though.

While I lived in Switzerland, I missed hearing the English language, so I used to listen to podcasts on my iBook each night. I looked forward to it while having dinner most evenings.

Back to last night--I did go to the gym and I lifted some weights and ran/walked on the treadmill. I set an incline on the treadmill to sort of prepare for Sunday's 10K run. I did pretty well with the hills! I guess I am used to them from living in San Francisco and running two half-marathons and Bay to Breakers there.

After the gym, I needed a quick dinner, so I had a veggie masala burger on whole wheat bread with spinach.

veggie masala burger

Dessert was Stonyfield vanilla yogurt with berries, which is what I had for breakfast this morning too. One of the strawberries was from our garden and it just smelled so delicious!

strawberry from garden

berries, yogurt

Right before we went to bed last night, Craig and I went for a nighttime walk. It was fun to walk under the street lights. Kind of romantic too! :)


Breakfast was Stonyfield Vanilla yogurt with strawberries and blueberries. This was exactly what I wanted!

Stonyfield yogurt with berries, coffee

Lunch was a nice potluck one at work. I brought the veggies. I haven't purchased baby carrots in ages, but they were easier to just bring instead of preparing some for the lunch.


This was our wonderful spread of food. I had turkey meatloaf, fruit, carrot cake (heavenly), gummies, doughnut holes, veggies, and pasta salad. We had a celebratory goodbye lunch for a volunteer that has been in our department for years. It was sad to hear her reminisce about her wonderful time at my workplace.

pics 6-9-11 002

Clearly I am feeling better today because I enjoyed a nice big plate of food and wasn't too worried about what I ate. Sometimes when I get sick like I have been the last couple of days, I am ravenous for the next couple of days. I swear it's because my body isn't processing food correctly or something and then it craves all of these nutrients.

After work, I was trying my hardest to make it to Zumba class at 5, but due to a baseball game, I had to take the long way home. I just decided to take a rest day because I usually do on Wednesdays anyway. Craig and I went on a walk around the neighborhood instead.

Dinner was late and quickly made-the pizza bagel with basil, bruschetta sauce, pizza sauce, and provolone cheese.

pizza bagel

pizza bagel

Time to go read some blogs and then call it a night!


  1. Minnesotan accents are adorable! I have some friends that grew up in MN, and I love to hear them talk.

  2. I listen to the Vegetarian food for thought podcast as well... While there is a lot of fluff in it, the small amount of information I do get from it is enjoyable. I know where you're coming from though, there is a lot of self promotion. I haven't listened to Dishing up Nutrition, I'll have to give that one a try!

  3. I love listening to the podcasts done by Jillian Michaels lately. I'm a Jillian fan, so I already find her likable, and I'm definitely loving the podcasts. She discusses nutrition and fitness, as I'm sure you can imagine. :) Though not always ground-breaking information, I still find it interesting.

  4. Thanks Liz--I am glad to hear that there is some useful information in the podcast. It just takes so long to get into!

  5. Thanks for the suggestion Denise! I'll download it soon and post a review on that one on my blog.