Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I am at home today, recovering from feeling sick yesterday. I haven't been feeling too great off and on for the last couple of weeks. Food filled me up too quickly and at work yesterday, acid reflux symptoms were quite strong. I wrote my doctor's office an e-mail and they suggested I either get an x-ray of my stomach (just to pay $500 and find out what I already knew) or take this lovely medicine mixed with two 32 oz. bottles of electrolyte drinks.


Obviously, I chose the later suggestion and that meant I had to go home from work so the acid reflux wouldn't keep affecting me and so my intestines could gain some normality again.

Maybe this is TMI for you readers and if it is, I give you permission to stop reading. I am writing about it because it's my life and I think it's good to put out there on the web so those of you who have friends or family with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease: ulcerative colitis and Crohn's Disease), understand how they may feel at times.

My meals yesterday were this Chobani for breakfast, half of a larabar at work before the reflux kicked in, and some pita chips because they were the closest thing we had to saltines.


I actually caught up on my google reader and it was complete torture to see pictures of all of these yummy meals and realize I couldn't eat anything like that for two or three days.

I rested a lot since I didn't have the energy to do much else. I slept here and Karma decided to join me and be my "nurse." Being around the cats (and Craig) when I am sick does cheer me up.


Unfortunately, my being sick and some other things made for a not-so-great birthday for Craig. (He almost got hit by a car, our stupid garbage bag had a leak and our trash starting smelling gross so he had to clean it, something burned in the microwave and thank god it didn't start on fire). I told him we have to have a birthday redo on Sunday and celebrate then.

This morning, I had a bowl of oats with lots of peanut butter while reading the newspaper and watching the Today show.


Am I the only 30 year old who does such things or do I sound like an old lady? Hey, I learned about some great drugstore beauty products on the Today show and a fun fact: when buying eyeliner at the drugstore, look for products that say they are made in Germany because some of the top eyeliners are made in German factories (I know off hand that my Clinique ones are). The program recommended the Cover Girl Liquiline Blast eyeliner, which must be made in my favorite European country too.

Anyway, I had two little kitty nurses next to me today to comfort me.


Lunch was toast with grape jelly. Since I am trying my best to follow the BRAT diet on this second day, I read online that grape jelly has pectin in it like applesauce does and it is safe to eat when your intestines aren't too happy.


Sorry for the depressing post, but this is my reality. I'll be back tomorrow with a post and hopefully able to say that I feel better! I definitely have to try to get to work, I just may be a little out of it when I get back there.


  1. No that's not TMI. If it helps you, it could also help someone else. I hope you're feeling better today. I'm feeling pretty weak myself today. We all have our off days.

  2. Thanks, that's what I thought too about someone else possibly relating to my condition or knowing someone who is going through the same digestive problems.