Monday, August 22, 2011

2 years ago today...

...I married a wonderful, caring, funny, smart, and adorable man who makes me very happy.

8-22-09 1138

8-22-09 801

8-22-09 821

We teased that we had problems picking out cards for each other this year because they often mention fighting (which we rarely do) and other odd things that don't apply to us.

8-22-09 1159

Thanks for two beautiful and memorable years as husband and wife, Craig. I know we'll have many more to look forward to. :)

8-22-09 1144


  1. Congratulations! The first time I met him with you, a person could just tell that you were meant to be together. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Happy (that's one for each year) anniversary!!!! Here's to many more years of happiness :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a wonderful celebration together.