Saturday, August 13, 2011

A b-day celebration, frozen yogurt, and my childhood home

Yesterday, I still felt pretty sick and out of it, but today, I finally felt better. Being sick is no fun, so feeling better is a huge relief for me. Having no appetite was really the worst part, even worse than having aches and pains for two days. I've been reading food blogs and it killed me to look at all of the pictures. Nothing appealed to me except for pita chips, Chobani, and string cheese.

I spent yesterday cleaning around the house, resting, and experimenting with the Kodak photo book layout I am making courtesy of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program (another whole post on that to come soon). I am having fun working on it!


I ended up going into work on Friday afternoon because I had an event that I was supposed to supervise that evening. I told my co-workers ahead of time that since I was sick, I would get things organized, make sure a certain part of the night was ok, and then I would have to leave. Good thing I did because I still had no appetite at this point and thus no energy. I was tired on the drive home and crashed on the couch shortly after arriving back from work. I was so happy not to have to stay up until midnight for the event!

Anyway, onto my Saturday--we relaxed a bit, ran some errands, and then went to my in-laws' house to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday. Dinner was a bit of chicken for me and a corn on the cob.

Then the fun began! We all piled in Craig's car and headed to Tosa Village for some frozen yogurt action at Yo Mama!

In-laws at Yo Mama!, Tosa

I had cake batter (again) and heath swirl with my usual toppings--cookie dough, brownie bites, mochi (LOVE LOVE this topping), and heath bar.

Frozen yogurt yo mama cake batter, heath, toppings

Craig had a fruity combo again topped his with a new selection--some Mango Bursting Bobbas. I tried one and it was yummy!

Mango Bursting Bobba

It was the first time Craig's family had frozen yogurt and they seemed to love it as much as we do.

Here's the birthday girl with hers.

Kathy at Yo Mama, Tosa

And my sister-in-law Lisa.

Lisa at Yo Mama

I adore these lights and wish we could have one in our kitchen.

love these lights at yo mama, tosa

lights at yo mama

I mentioned to my mother-in-law that the house I grew up in until I finished 3rd grade wasn't really that far away from the frozen yogurt place. She suggested we drive by there, so that's what we did.

It ended up being a lucky day to do that because the house was just sold. When I got home tonight, I was able to look at the updates of the inside of it in the listing online and send it to my family! My parents couldn't believe how much they were asking for it now and neither could I. It was great being able to see interior pictures of the house I loved so much as a child. I learned how to bike on that sidewalk and had so many great memories there. I only wish I had known it was for sale sooner so we could have gone through it!

Wauwatosa bungalow (my old house)

Fun fact to leave you with--the white house that is to the right of my old house when facing it is where The Deep End of the Ocean author Jacquelyn Mitchard lived for a while (while we lived there). I used to play with her son and everything. Pretty cool, huh?

Time for me to get ready for bed! Good night.


  1. I thought of yet another 9/1 suggestion when we were in Tosa today (at Outpost) about Pizzeria Piccola? It's within walking distance of Yo Mama, so we could have dessert there :)

  2. Great idea--the men can have meat and we can have a veggie filled pizza. We drove by there last time we went to yo mama and the outdoor seating looked cute and cozy. Let's go there! I hope Tosa fest isn't going on then...I'll google it and see.

    Did you get one of those WI local foods journals at Outpost?

  3. Phew, tosa fest isn't until Sept. 9th and 10th!

  4. I did, the food journal was the first thing I spotted...they only had one out, but I assume they have more in the back? I was at Outpost for nutritional yeast, because I'm making black bean burgers for lunch today. Chris is very skeptical :)

    I thought the outdoor seating looked great too. Hopefully we have nice weather for our birthday celebration!!