Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A good birthday

I had a very nice birthday! I spent the majority of it alone, but have great memories of the people I met while out running errands and such.

Thank you for the sweet comments you readers left today. They made my day and were so nice to read throughout the day.

My massage this morning was awesome-one of the better ones I have ever had. It was only a half hour long, but that was the perfect amount of time to relax, get the stress out of my lower back and neck, and a great way to start my day. The massage therapist I had was really nice too.

After the massage, I went to World Market to use my $10 off b-day coupon. I picked up a cooling rack and a pretty place mat that was on clearance.

I also headed to the mall to use up some coupons. I got $20 off a $50 or more purchase at Boston Store, so I found some perfect black trousers for work.

birthday finds

I got the Clinique bonus and because I am an old lady today, purchased some "all about eyes rich" eye cream. :) It's never too late to prevent wrinkles!

Clinique bonus fall 2011

When I was done perusing Boston Store, I went to Mayfair to use my $15 off Banana Republic b-day postcard. I popped in there on Sunday and couldn't find anything. Today, I walked out of there with two perfumes and didn't pay a cent for them! Hooray!

banana republic perfume

And the best part of my shopping trip was that the Apple store had my printer in stock! It took a little while to get it added onto my old order, but I walked out of there with it and was so happy I don't have to go back to get it. It will only cost about $5 after the rebate. Score! We finally have a scanner and a wireless printer! They seem to be including these printers with any new purchase whether you are a student or not.

HP Deskjet 3054

The funniest part about the Apple trip was the funky guy I worked with had me raise my right hand and pledge to buy Apple care within the next year. Not sure I will, but it was pretty funny. He also told me that I seemed so laid back, unlike other women. Maybe he was having a bad week with his wife or girlfriend.

Once home, I made myself lunch--a whole wheat tortilla shell with provolone cheese, tofu, spinach, and tomatoes. I also had some strawberries and watermelon juice on the side.

birthday lunch

I spoke to a few friends and family in the afternoon and it was so sweet of them to call and wish me a happy birthday!

Then the UPS man came and SPREAD THE LOVE today by delivering a package from Love Grown granola! Hooray! What a great birthday surprise. :)

spread the love

Love Grown granola

I am most excited to try it for breakfast tomorrow. It'll just be hard to decide which flavor to open first.

Love Grown granola box


Love Grown granola

I went to the gym and when the guy behind the counter scanned it in, he said, "Happy Birthday!" and then he went over to the speakers to turn up the music. Their computer automatically plays "they say it's your birthday" when a guest with a b-day comes in on that day. I started dancing around at the front desk and it was fun. Then the guy just kept chatting to me--he was nice.

After not getting much cardio in during belly dancing last night, I was happy to hop on the elliptical for 35 minutes and then to lift some machine and free weights.

Once I was home and showered, we went to Red Robin for dinner. Yet another freebie to use up--a gourmet burger or chicken sandwich is free during your birthday month when you sign up for their rewards card. We don't go to Red Robin that often, but we were impressed with our meals tonight.

Craig with dinner

Birthday dinner at Red Robin

We both eyed up the Chicken Bruschetta sandwich and were glad we went with it. The flavors all blended together deliciously! When I ordered, I pronounced bruschetta the Italian way and it confused our waitress. She thought I wanted a certain salad, so I corrected her and pointed to the sandwich we wanted and then she said bruschetta the American way and it all made sense to her.

Red Robin Chicken Bruschetta sandwich

And I'll end with the funny picture Craig sent to me "from the cats."

cat birthday

31 is off to a good start! Lots of funny memories from today. Oh yeah and besides lots of people telling me I looked 21, not 31, I also got hit on during my drive to the gym. I hope I look youthful for a while and that my new eye cream helps. ;)


  1. I missed saying happy birthday on your golden birthday. It was golden, at least in my opinion. So Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy belated birthday! You are getting me all excited for my birthday! I love presents and cards... :D