Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Milwaukee style wedding anniversary celebration

Craig and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary last night Milwaukee style. By that I mean we went to Kopps Frozen Custard instead of a fancy dinner somewhere downtown.

pics Aug 22 2011 009 Kopps custard

pics Aug 22 2011 008

The reason we did this is because my colitis was acting up again (blame it on the junk food I ate while moving Craig's sister on Saturday) and eating a big dinner out is never a good thing when my stomach is bothering me.

pics Aug 22 2011 006 us on anniversary

Craig had a fish sandwich and vanilla custard.

pics Aug 22 2011 007 vanilla custard

I chose one of the flavors of the day, tiramisu custard. I had a salad at home later on and made one for my lunch today too.

pics Aug 22 2011 001 tiramisu

We sat by the romantic waterfall at Kopps. :)

pics Aug 22 2011 003

To me, the sign of a good relationship is being able to have fun and go with the flow together. I consider what we did for our anniversary just that type of situation. I had fun catching up with Craig, hearing about the NPR greek yogurt story he had just heard on his way home from work, and talking about life in general. I didn't need to be sitting at a fancy restaurant, having dinner, to enjoy his company and celebrate our two years of marriage together.

Tonight, Craig and I are going to my work family picnic, so I won't be around later. Have a wonderful afternoon and evening!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful anniversary to me! And I adore frozen custard, I don't even think the Graeter's Ice Cream that we have in Cincinnati can beat that :)

  2. Happy Anniversary, I almost make it a point not to go all out on mine :) I think that for our 6th one I will want to stay home and watch movies all.day.long. Awesome

  3. Happy Anniversary again!!! I think as long as you are together on your anniversary, it doesn't matter what you do (or don't do)!