Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A new pink sports bra and black bean burgers

Hello there! It's been a great week so far for me. I think I am more energetic because of the cooler air.

I whipped up Black Bean burgers for dinner tonight using the Peas and Thank You recipe that was featured in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel last week.

black bean burger and recipe from Journal Sentinel

black bean burger mix

It was super easy to make and cook up! I didn't have lemon juice and cumin, but plan to get those two things tomorrow and will add them to the rest of the mixture before making it again later this week. I only made one patty for myself because Craig's not too keen on black beans. He did try it though and said it was fine. That means he didn't think it was horrible, score!


This recipe also filled me up nicely. That means I didn't need dessert. :)

I was excited to find a package from alo on my back doorstep when I got home tonight! It was the adorable pink high impact sports bra I won from a twitter contest through Shape magazine.

alo sports bra high impact

Audrina Patridge is featured in it here.



Here it is on me.


I tried it on immediately and loved the fabric, feel, and fit. Once I actually try it in a high impact sport, I will let y'all know how I like it.

Instead of high impact exercise, I went to yoga tonight because I needed to stretch. My calves were killing me from running on the treadmill last night. Yoga felt great. Once again, Glenn's class didn't disappoint. He switched the poses up and we tried new things. Love that it's never the same class and I know I have said that before, but do you feel the same way about your yoga practice or do you like to do the same moves every week?

Time to go read The Snowman. I probably won't finish it again before it's due back, but oh well. I cannot wait until the kindle is linked up with local libraries this September and I can rent books for free to read on it. It doesn't get nearly enough use because I am too cheap to buy the latest bestsellers.


  1. I'd like to try that black bean burger recipe too. I've never made any type of veggie burger before, and Mama Pea's recipe seems like a great place to start. First, I need to pick up some nutritional yeast at Outpost. Have you tried it on popcorn? I was just reading that it tastes great on popcorn.

  2. Yeah, I really liked the recipe and would recommend it. Super easy to put together when you're in a pinch for lunch or dinner too. I had never made a veggie burger before either. It's something I thought about adding to the post when I was driving back from the gym, but totally forgot to say when I sat down to write it.

    I haven't tried nutritional yeast on popcorn but have heard it's good too.

  3. Mmm. Good looking burger, I just bought the book, and I'm looking forward to making this. :)

  4. Burger looks great!!!!
    The sports bra is cute too!!