Monday, August 29, 2011

Cafe Hollander Brunch

On Sunday, Craig and I met my parents for brunch at Cafe Hollander in the Tosa Village to celebrate my upcoming 31st birthday. This is the real reason I dressed up yesterday. I didn't dress up to go buy my new Mac, we just planned on going right to the mall after we were done with brunch.

I seem to keep wanting to hang out in the Wauwatosa village this summer. I get a nostalgic feeling from it since I grew up in Tosa until I was almost 9 years old.

Isn't it cute though?

The top of the cream city brick building pictured above has Pabst Milwaukee on it, so we were wondering the history of the structure. It now houses Bartolotta restaurant.

I wanted something more breakfast than lunch like, so I went with a Benulux omelet which had gruyere cheese, tomatoes, & mushrooms. I also had some potatoes and toast on the side.

Craig had a breakfast a burger with an egg on top.

Dad had a short stack of pancakes.

Mom had an Avocado Chicken Wrap that she enjoyed.

Naturally, I had to "show" my mom yo mama, right up the street. My dad was kind of shocked that we would be getting frozen yogurt after just having a big meal. There is always room in my tummy for treats, especially fro yo.

I enjoyed cake batter (third time now having that flavor) and red velvet swirled with some mochi on top.

We enjoyed our brunch at Cafe Hollander and would recommend the restaurant as a nice place to grab a drink inside or outside or to have a nice meal outdoors.

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  1. Ah, Yo Mama! We will have to go back and since cafe Hollander looked good, there is a reason.

    A new breakfast item I saw on-line you might like. Toasted English muffins with slice tomato, basil and some mozarella melted on top under the broiler. Then a fried egg on top of that. Find it here:

    There's some other yummy choices here too.